Updated: July 26, 2022

Become A Qualified Legal Service Provider

Qualified Legal Service Providers (QLSPs) are nonprofit legal service organizations dedicated to serving low income people. Visit our volunteer page to learn more about the benefits to volunteering with a QLSP. Visit the QLSP Directory for a complete list of QLSPs in Washington. 

Apply Now for QLSP Status: Simply submit a one-page letter to PublicService@wsba.org addressing how your organization meets all the QLSP eligibility requirements, along with any supplemental materials such as program brochures or letters of recommendation. 

QLSP Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for QLSP status, organizations must meet all five of the following criteria: 

  1. Must be a not-for-profit legal services organization whose primary purpose is to provide legal services to low-income clients, per APR 1(e)(8);
  2. Have a financial screening mechanism in place to ensure clients are low-income;
  3. Provide malpractice insurance for volunteers or have a policy in place to require that all volunteers carry their own malpractice insurance;
  4. Ensure volunteers receive at least two hours of relevant training; and
  5. Be located in Washington state or predominantly serve Washington state residents

If your program meets all of the criteria, submit a one page letter to PublicService@wsba.org, along with any supplemental materials such as program brochures or letters of recommendation. Applications may take up to two weeks to process. QLSPs can access the benefits to their new status immediately after approval. 


Benefits to Becoming a QLSP

Exclusive Benefits for Volunteers

Volunteers and staff can enjoy exclusive benefits for volunteering with a QLSP, including free MCLE credit for pro bono service, access to free WSBA CLE Programs, and license fee waivers for Pro Bono Status members. Visit our QLSP Volunteer page for a complete list of benefits available to QLSP volunteers. 

Complimentary Access to WSBA Deskbooks

WSBA offers all QLSPs in Washington free online subscription to WSBA Deskbooks through Fastcase for research done onsite at a QLSP. This complimentary subscription allows users online access to a fully word-searchable version of WSBA deskbooks; all citations to cases are linked to the full text of these primary materials in the Fastcase database. Visit our Legal Research page for more information. QLSP organizations inquiring about WSBA Deskbook subscriptions can email adamr@wsba.org.

ProBonoWA Feature

Your organization will be featured on ProBonoWA.org, a comprehensive clearinghouse for pro bono opportunities, events, and resources for Washington legal professionals. To be included in the portal, contact PublicService@wsba.org

Access to Statewide QLSP Listserv

You can access the WSBA QLSP listserv, an email forum for QLSPs across the state to share resources and information, coordinate collectively, and stay connected to WSBA. If you would like to join the QLSP Listserv, email PublicService@wsba.org.

WSBA Public Service Specialist

The WSBA Public Service Specialist can help you market your organization and pro bono opportunities through various WSBA communications. The Public Service Specialist can also provide assistance with connecting with other QLSPs for potential collaboration and resource-sharing. Contact PublicService@wsba.org for assistance.