Updated: Sept. 15, 2020

WSBA Bylaws

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Recent Bylaws Amendments Adopted

June 26-27, 2020:

  • Art.VI.G. 2020 Elections: (temporary emergency bylaw): "In response to the Corona virus and public safety concerns, the 2020 elections conducted by the Board of Governors pursuant to these Bylaws may be scheduled anytime prior to 44th week of the fiscal year."
  • Adopted, subject to court approval, amendments to Art. III.(I)(5), Hardship Exemption. Article III (I)(5) Redline

On April 3, 2020, the Supreme Court issued Order 25700-B-612, approving amendments to the bylaws adopted by the Board of Governors in January and March 2020.

Proposed Bylaws Amendments:

To be considered at the July 24, 2020, Board of Governors Meeting: