Updated: April 8, 2023

Admission Requirements and Lawyer Bar Exam Results

Applicants who passed the February 2023 bar exam must complete all of the requirements through the online admissions site. See the New Admittee Process Instructions for more information.

After an applicant has met all the requirements for admission, the applicant will be recommended to the Washington Supreme Court for admission to the practice of law in Washington. Upon receipt of the Admission Order from the Court, the WSBA will assign the new member a license number and send the member by mail a Bar card and a certificate from the Court. Applicants are not permitted to practice as a lawyer until the Court signs the Admission Order.

Applicants who have passed the Washington UBE have 40 months from the date of the examination to complete the New Admittee Process and be licensed as a lawyer. Admission by Motion and Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) Transfer applicants have one year from the date of the application submission to become licensed in Washington.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic:

APR 5(f) — On October 27, 2022, the Washington Supreme Court issued order No. 25700-B-697 which waives the requirements that the oath be taken in open court and authorizes judges to administer the oath remotely by available technologies, including videoconferencing or teleconferencing.  If the judge conducting the swearing-in- agrees to conduct this type of process, please email the judge a signed copy of the oath form for his/her signature.  Once all parties have signed the oath form, it is your responsibility to upload a copy of the completed oath to your user home page. Please keep a copy for your records.

Lawyer Bar Exam Pass List

Of the 264 candidates who took the February 2023 Lawyer Bar Exam, 124 candidates passed the exam. Read the complete exam statistics

The February 2023 Bar Exam passing candidates include:

Aaron, Vanessa Grigsby
Abdulle, Asha A
Aston, Jesse Robert

Baron, Andrew John Dowhanik
Benayad, Nohayla 
Bennett, Adam 
Berquam, Brenna J
Bomar, Sofia Isabella Inez DeSimone
Bowanko, Rachel 
Bowland, Sara Elizabeth
Brady, May 
Brinda, Haley Sue
Brockway, Alexander Walston
Budig, Taylor 
Bultz, Rafael 
Bumbarger, Madison Paige

Chastain, Sienna Marie
Chaudhry, Nasrin Maariyah
Coates, Elisa Jean
Collins, Tyler Ray
Crosby, Janina 
Cuevas-Fernandez, Josue 
Cumming, Jaime Nicole
Cymerman, Katrina Ann

Davey, Amanda Michelle
Denny, Grant Ronald
DiDomizio-Ray, Stephanie Wright
DiRie, Christopher Nicholaus
Dittoe, Jonathan 
Driano, Vincent Michael

Eagle, Chancelor 
Erickson, Lucie 
Ermac, Ardie 

Fernandez, Maritza 
Fletcher, Mason D
Focht, Payton Brooke
Fogle, Bobbi 
Fossedal, Thomas Augustine
Franco, Ahbra 
Franklin, Lindsey Elizabeth

Gaffney, Naoise 
Gagliardi, Paige Victoria
Gallagher, Audrey Theresa
Garrison, Tamara 
Ghosh, Ishita 
Giadrosich, Christopher James
Gonzalez, Erik 
Grundmeier, Chloe R

Hampton, Bailey Caroline
Hargreaves, Haley 
Hines, Alicia Nicole
Hino, Yuko 
Hiziroglu, Ayse Buke
Hoech, Alexis Emma
Hoge, Michelle Hannah Hughes
Houghton, Rebekah Ann
Hughes, Caitlin A
Hunt, Rachel Jae

Jin, Xiaowei 

KC, Upama 
Kernan, James Dalgleish
Khaki, Shafina 
Kirchner, Sarah Jo Elizabeth
Knight, Savannah Humiston
Kong, Yuhwa 

Lankenau, Lauren Marie
Leite Domingos, Gloria 
Lindgren, Kayla 
Liu, Chang 
Luo, Winston H

Macy, Logan Gene
Manus, Maya Alexandra
Mark, Kaitlyn Kawehilani
Marsik, Christopher M
Miller, Justine Elizabeth
Montoya, Harley Alejandro
Moore, Katherine Anne

Nelson, Laura Ann
Newhouse, James Braxton
Newton, Daniel Emory
Nikfard, Devon Raymond

O'Connor McCready, Ashley Elaine

Parkin, Courtney Jayne
Peake, Laura Elizabeth
Porter, Miles Sebastian Strauss
Post, William Nathanial
Powers, Dylan James
Propst, Sarah Yeilding

Quinteros, Penny Rene

Richards, Natasha Marie
Rogers, Paul Gregory
Rommelmann, Matthew Douglas
Root, Amanda Ross
Ruiz Tovar, Monica Tatiana
Rund, David Matthew
Russell, Brian Timothy

Saito, Miki Jade
Samuelson, Marisa June
Saracevic, Farrah Jasmine
Sasaki, Jon Kantaro
Scott, Janelle 
Shea, Chloe P.
Sleeman, Jaye 
Smith, Kassidy Jean
Spasov, Zhelyan Krasimirov
Stojanowska, Natalia 
Strahan, Justine Michaela
Swapp, Lauren Diane

Tang, Junfen 
Tonelli, Harley 
Traver, Nicholas Alexander
Turral, John 

Ulrick, Gwendolyn Alley
Utter, Molly

Veloz, Leslie 
Vickerman, Analese 

Walsh, Elisabeth Marie
Waschke, Athena 
Weber, Lauren Anne
Whitehead, Abigail 
Williams, Allan 
Wilson, Jerica 
Wu, Yiting 

Yuen, Ka Man 

Please Note : All applicants are subject to a character and fitness review prior to being admitted to practice law in Washington.  Factors considered by Admissions staff and Bar Counsel when determining whether an applicant should be referred to the Character and Fitness Board are set forth in Washington Supreme Court Admission and Practice Rules (APR)  20-24.2(a). 

Any discrepancy or conflict between the information provided here and the rules and regulations set by the Washington Supreme Court, or the Bylaws and policies of the Washington State Bar Association, is unintentional and will be resolved in favor of strict compliance with the rules, regulations, Bylaws and policies.