Updated: Oct. 8, 2021

Ways to Save at WSBA


"Collectively, my wife and I earn around $120,000/year. Student loan debt is a millstone around our necks. We are barely past paycheck-to-paycheck living and loans are actively preventing our entry into the middle class. To the extent that the WSBA can do something/anything about this burden, it would be great.
— WSBA New Lawyer

There are many ways in which the WSBA is working to acknowledge and support lawyers facing significant debt loads.  Below is a list of various ways you can navigate maintaining your active member status while managing your debt. 

Exemptions and Payment Plans

If you are experiencing financial challenges, take advantage of WSBA's license fee exemptions and payment plans.

Armed Forces Exemption

Learn about how WSBA Bylaw Section III.I.1.a.2 provides for a fee exemption for eligible members of the Armed Forces whose WSBA membership is active.

WSBA Member Benefits

See what benefits are available to all WSBA members to assist them with the practice of law. 

WSBA Practice Discount Network

As a member of the Washington State Bar, you are eligible to receive discounts on select products and services. Learn where you can save on the cost of practice.

Free and Low-Cost CLEs

Reduce the cost of receiving your mandatory CLEs through this list of free and low-cost CLE options.