Updated: June 30, 2022

Legal Tools and Resources for the Public

Membership Demographics

View demographics and counts of our licensed legal professionals.

Find Legal Help
Find legal clinics and programs that can help you.

Limited License Legal Technicians
Learn about a new class of legal professionals for better access to judicial system.

Moderate Means Program
A referral program serving middle-income families.

Decoding the Law
Learn about the next event is in our public conversations series, Decoding the Law, featuring a panel of legal professionals who delve into current topics of law and justice that affect everyone.

Speakers Bureau
Legal experts are available for public speaking engagements.

County Bar Associations
Many county bar associations in Washington offer local legal resources and lawyer referral programs.

Minority and Specialty Bar Associations
Find legal resources specialized for certain minorities and other groups.

Law Links
Categorized legal resources on your community, city or county, state or nationwide. 

Volunteer at the Bar
Serve on the Bar's boards and committees even if you're not a member or a legal professional.

Professional Misconduct

Concerns About a Lawyer
Know your rights and what you should do about the professional or ethical misconduct of a legal professional.

Client Protection Fund

The Client Protection Fund provides financial relief for legal clients who sustain a financial loss due to a Bar member's dishonesty or failure to account for entrusted money or property.

Know Your Rights

Right to Counsel

In many cases you have the right to an attorney, even if you cannot afford one. Learn more about your right to counsel.

Plea Bargains

Pleading guilty has many possible consequences. You have the right to see a defense attorney before you enter a plea. Learn more. Considere las consecuencias de admitir culpabilidad.