Updated: April 10, 2024

License Status Options

Learn more about your license status options  and the requirements for returning to active status by clicking on the links below.

How do I:

Generally, with very few exceptions, only active members may serve on committees and boards. Please consider this before changing status. Consult the staff liaison to the specific committee or board with any questions about eligibility due to status.

The WSBA administers the licensing and renewal process for Washington licensed legal professionals on behalf of and under rules adopted by the Washington Supreme Court. Voluntary status changes are granted in accordance with the provisions of the WSBA Bylaws. Licensed legal professionals should review Article III of the bylaws and stay apprised of any changes to the bylaws, as changes in the bylaws can affect requirements for changing status.

Any discrepancy or conflict between the information provided here and the rules and regulations set by the Washington Supreme Court, or the Bylaws and policies of the Washington State Bar Association, is unintentional and will be resolved in favor of strict compliance with the rules, regulations, bylaws, and policies.