Updated: Sept. 26, 2023

The WSBA Legislative Review Committee (WLRC) meets during the fall. Its primary purpose is to ensure that WSBA-request legislation meets GR 12 and is vetted both internally and externally. Bar-request legislation typically emanates from a WSBA section. The committee may also consider non-WSBA proposals submitted to the committee for the purpose of seeking bar input and support. If the committee votes to recommend approval of a bar-request bill, or support of a non-WSBA proposed bill, the proposal is submitted to the Board of Governors in November for formal approval or support. WSBA-request bills approved by the Board are introduced in the next legislative session.

Committee Members

Matthew LeMaster, Chair

Watson Blair

Brian Considine

Seth Dawson

John Doty

Kelsey Jevitt

F. Lauren Neiswender

Ed Norton

Leslie Reardanz

Kyle Sciuchetti

Kate Szurek

Feng Wan

Meeting Materials