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Independent Firm Issues Clean Financial Audit for State Bar | March 14, 2023

Updated: March 21, 2023

SEATTLE [March 14, 2023] — Certified public accounting firm Clark Nuber recently issued the Washington State Bar Association another clean audit report. The fiscal year 2022 report marks another in decades of unmodified independent audit opinions for the state Bar.

An unmodified opinion indicates that the Bar’s finances are sound, well managed, and accurate and correctly presented in all material respects.  No adjustments were required and no material weaknesses were found, and no management letter was issued.

“Once again WSBA’s annual audit reveals a continued practice of financial integrity,” said WSBA Treasurer Francis Adewale, who also represents the 5th District on the Board of Governors. “It demonstrates our commitment to running a tight ship that serves our members, maintains rigorous standards in the practice of law, and protects the public throughout Washington state. Congratulations to our financial team and staff for their diligent budget controls and processes.”

Bar leaders continue to ensure their accountability to members and the public through transparency and regular review of financial operations. The purpose of the audit is to issue an opinion – or audit report – of the Bar’s annual financial report and to provide assurance to users of the financial statements, including lenders, funders, and Board of Governors, that the reported financial information is materially correct.

Results from this audit are summarized in this March 3 presentation to the Board of Governors.

Find more information about the Bar’s finances, including audit reports and financial statements, on WSBA’s Finances page.

About the Washington State Bar Association

The WSBA operates under the delegated authority of the Washington Supreme Court and exercises a governmental function authorized by the Court to license and regulate the state’s nearly 40,000 legal professionals, including lawyers, limited practice officers, and limited license legal technicians. The WSBA both regulates legal professionals under the authority of the Court and serves its members as a professional association — all without public funding. The WSBA administers the Bar admission process, including the bar exam; provides record-keeping and licensing functions; administers the lawyer discipline system; and provides continuing legal education for legal professionals, in addition to numerous other educational and member-service activities. The Bar’s mission is to serve the public and its members, to ensure the integrity of the legal profession, and to champion justice.