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Independent Firm Issues ‘Clean’ Financial Audit for State Bar │ Jan. 2 , 2020

Updated: March 17, 2021

Consecutive years of unqualified reports reflect confidence in WSBA’s financial integrity

SEATTLE — Certified public accounting firm Clark Nuber has issued an unmodified, “clean” audit opinion for the Washington State Bar Association’s 2019 fiscal year. This marks several decades of similar upstanding independent audit reports for the state bar.

The audit report certifies that the bar’s finances are well managed and accurate in all material respects. An unmodified opinion means there were no adjustments made, no material weaknesses found, and no management letter issued.

“This gives us a high degree of confidence in the bar’s financial integrity,” said WSBA Treasurer Dan Clark. “It shows that the data we report on our financial statements is true and accurate, which indicates we are being responsible stewards of membership dollars. Congratulations to the bar’s financial team and all staff for their diligent budget controls and processes.”

Bar leaders are committed to being accountable to members and the public through a high level of transparency and active examination of financial operations. Toward that end, the Board of Governors has also authorized an additional independent audit this year, which will focus on processes and execution to our Fiscal Policies and Procedures. This type of audit is good practice for an organization every five to 10 years, and it examines whether day-to-day financial processes and controls follow procedures and policies as written. It goes deep into the financial data and can result in recommendations for refinement toward industry best practices.

Results from this second audit should be available in spring 2020.

More information about the state bar’s finances, including audit reports and financial statements, is at

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