Updated: April 27, 2022

Family Law Section

The Family Law Section is the principal statewide organization of family law attorneys, and is one of the most active sections in the WSBA. The Section is devoted to improving the profession and practice of family law, to the benefit of its members and other family law professionals, the judiciary, and the general public.

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Shape Your Section for the Future: Apply Today to Become a Section Leader

Applications open on March 14, 2022, and close at 5 p.m. April 15, 2022.

The following section executive committee positions are open for applications. All terms begin Oct. 1, 2022.

  • At-Large Member (five positions open): three-year position beginning Oct. 1, 2022, and ending Sept. 30, 2025.

To learn more about roles and expectations for serving on the section executive committee, review this Family Law Section volunteer position description.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be a current section member and should be eligible to vote in accordance with the section’s bylaws.

Application Process

Go to the myWSBA portal to complete the online application for open executive committee positions. The Section has requested that each applicant submit a statement of interest with your application. This document can be uploaded with your online application (pdf format only). Please be advised that application materials may be posted on this website for public viewing.

Note: If you are applying for more than one position on this or multiple sections’ committees, you must complete and submit all applications at the same time, as you will not be allowed back into the portal at a later time. Please make sure you are completing the applications within the application window for all of the relevant sections.

Nomination Process

The Chair shall annually appoint a nominating committee consisting of three Section members to recruit FLEC nominees. At least one member of the nominating committee shall not be a current member of FLEC. The nominating committee shall actively take factors of diversity into account when recruiting nominees.

After receiving from the Bar the applications submitted by all nominees, FLEC shall verify all nominees’ eligibility for election and approve the list of nominees to be presented to the membership.

The Nominating Committee shall cause to be distributed to the Section membership notice of the election to be conducted by an appropriate electronic balloting process approved by FLEC, containing the name of at least one Section member for each position on FLEC to be voted on, with a mechanism additionally provided on the electronic ballot for write-in candidates, with instructions for marking and returning ballots, and the deadline for returning ballots. The ballot shall contain the names of all members placed in nomination and approved by the Nominating Committee, who have met the qualifications to run for election and who have consented to have their names placed on the ballot. All ballots received by the deadline shall be sent to the Nominating Committee for counting and recording the votes received. Where there exists a vacancy in an unexpired position, the persons seeking election for that position will be listed on the ballot and counted as a separate category from persons seeking election to full term positions. The persons receiving the highest number of votes in each category shall be elected to fill the associated position or positions. In the event of a tie, FLEC shall implement a random tie-breaker of its choice, such as a coin toss or drawing of lots, to determine the winner. FLEC shall certify the results of the election to the Bar, including the total number of votes cast and the number of votes cast for each nominee immediately following the close of the election.

Alternate Nomination Process

In addition to recruiting nominees by means of the nominating committee, FLEC shall provide notice in March, by means of posting to the Family Law Section listservs and by email to all Section members, of all members’ ability to self-nominate for election to FLEC.

Elections Process

All voting members of the section will receive an electronic ballot sent to their email in June 2022. Visit this webpage in early June for election updates and voting instructions.

For more information about the Section, its executive committee roles, and elections process, please review the Section’s bylaws. You may also contact any member of the current Section Executive Committee or email sections@wsba.org.


Executive Committee

Chair: Jacqueline Jeske

Chair-Elect: Elizabeth Helm

Secretary: Kimberly Loges

Treasurer: Shelley Brandt

Immediate Past Chair: Patrick Rawnsley

Legislative Liaison: Patrick Rawnsley

Webmaster*: Alan Funk

Young Lawyer Liaison*: vacant 

Board of Governors Liaison*: Sunitha Anjilvel (2021-2022) 

*Nonvoting member

Elizabeth Helm (2019-2022)
Zachary Ashby (2019-2022)
Christine Carpenter (2019-2022)
Nancy Hawkins (2019-2022)
Kimberly Loges (2019-2022)
Chris Fox (2020-2023)
Deborah Bianco (2020-2023)
Cynthia Buhr (2020-2023)
La Vonna Jones (2020-2023)
Dawn Sydney (2020-2023)
Shelley Brandt (2021-2024)&
Stephen Foster (2021-2024)
Tamara Garrison (2021-2024) 
Jacqueline Jeske (2021-2024)
Boaz Weintraub (2021-2024)

Please contact subcommittee member for details on their upcoming meeting dates and locations. Family Law Section Executive Committee meetings are held by video conference only with prior notice to the whole Executive Committee, and only when authorized by the Chair or Chair-Elect. If you'd like to participate in a meeting, please contact the Chair.

Join Our List Serve

The section's list serve is administered by the Family Law Section. To join the list serve, please contact and forward proof of membership to Alan Funk at asf@wechslerbecker.com. For general section questions, please send your email address and Bar number to sections@wsba.org.