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Updated: Dec. 19, 2022

Elder Law Section

The Elder Law Section seeks to inform members of the Washington State Bar Association of matters related to representation of older adults, recognizing that these individuals have unique legal needs and may be isolated, ill, or vulnerable to undue influence or exploitation. Issues commonly discussed relate to retirement and estate planning, powers of attorney, guardianship and conservatorship, substitute decision making, private and public long-term care, healthcare financing, and abuse of vulnerable adults.

The Section provides benefits to members through opportunities for education and consultation on issues relevant to elder law practice. Occasional seminars are complemented by the Section's active list serve—an ongoing conversation among members responding to questions and sharing insights. The Section also offers opportunities for serious exploration of systemic problems identified by members and for policy advocacy on issues relating to the administration of justice.

Annual Report |   Budget  |   Bylaws  |  Year in Review

See a list of Section Resources and Legal Opinions

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Who Can Join?

Any active member of the WSBA may join the Elder Law Section at any time. Inactive members and non-members of the WSBA can join as subscribers. This affords professionals in the same field the opportunity to stay current about the law related activities in their field.

What is the Cost?

There are two categories of membership. If you are a member of the WSBA, you pay the lawyer membership fee, currently $35 per year. If you are not an attorney in the state of Washington, you may join as a subscriber, at the same $35-per-year rate. Subscribers receive the newsletters and notices of activities of the section, but they do not have voting status.

How Do I Join?

Join the WSBA Elder Law Section online or contact the WSBA Service Center at 800-945-9722 or 206-443-9722 or email


Greenfield Elder Law Internship and Greenfield Elder Law Scholarship

Over his distinguished 40-year career, attorney Peter Greenfield worked tirelessly on behalf of thousands of seniors living in poverty in Washington. He was also an active member of the WSBA Elder Law Section and following his retirement from Columbia Legal Services in 2010, the Section established the Peter Greenfield Senior Advocacy Scholarship, now known as the Greenfield Elder Law Scholarship. The Greenfield Elder Law Scholarship provides for a summer internship (the "Greenfield Elder Law Internship") in elder law at Northwest Justice Project, a non-profit legal aid organization dedicated to serving very low-income and marginalized populations. Funds for the scholarship, given to a selected student from one of the three Washington law schools, come from Section member donations."


You can donate to the Scholarship online or by mail. Make checks payable to:

Washington State Bar Foundation
1325 Fourth Ave., Suite 600
Seattle, WA 98101

*Please note "Greenfield Elder Law Scholarship "or "GELS" on your check.

Thank you for your contribution!"


Executive Committee

Chair: Sage Graves Slugic (2022-2023)  

Chair-elect: Ronald St. Hilaire (2022-2023)

Secretary: Elizabeth Jennings (2022-2023)

Treasurer: Matthew Parker (2022-2023) 

Immediate Past Chair: Meredith Grigg (2022-2023) 

Young Lawyer Liaison*: Vacant 

Board of Governors Liaison*: Kari Petrasek (2022-2023) and Brent Williams-Ruth (2022-2023)

*Nonvoting member

At-Large Members
Carla Calogero (2022-2023)
Megan Farr (2022-2023)
Michael Longyear (2022-2023)

Legislative Co-chairs
Carla Higginson (2022-2024) 
Karen Boxx (2021-2023) 

Communications Co-chairs:
Mark Vohr (2022-2023)
Suzanne Thompson Wininger (2022-2023)

CLE Co-chairs:
Nicholas Pleasants (2021-2023)
Emily Tyson-Shu (2022-2024)

Grants Co-chairs*:
Angela Macey-Cushman (2022-2023)
Patrick Erker (2022-2023)

Outreach/Mentorship Co-chairs*:
Nancy Lee (2022-2023)
Miriam Ayoub (2022-2023)

The WSBA Elder Law Section Executive Committee generally conducts meetings on the third Tuesday of each month, from 12:30–1:30 p.m. via video conference. See event calendar for access information or contact a committee member for specific details on their upcoming meeting dates and locations.

For general questions, please email inquiries to To get involved and learn more about the Elder Law Section, please contact Section Chair Sage Graves Slugic.