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Updated: Jan. 22, 2021

Business Law Section

The Business Law Section is committed to providing services that its members value, operating in a fiscally responsible manner, and enhancing the professional collegiality among all Washington business lawyers. Section members have access to certain restricted portions of this website, such as the Current Developments and Legislation pages. Members are also entitled to attend section events, participate on the Business Law Section list serve, and receive a semiannual newsletter and other publications prepared from time to time, including a sourcebook containing in-depth comments and legislative history on the Business Corporation Act (RCW 23B) and a report on opinion letter practice in Washington.

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Publications & Newsletters


Fall 2020 Newsletter

Summer 2020 Newsletter 

Executive Committee

ChairDiane Lourdes Dick

Chair-ElectShaina Johnson

SecretaryAnnie Robertson

TreasurerChristina Catzoela

Immediate Past ChairJason Cruz

Prior Chairs

Young Lawyer LiaisonHarman Bual (2019-2021)

Board of Governors Liaison*: Bryn Peterson

At-Large Members
Jeff Hamilton
Steven Reilly

Section Committees

Communications Committee
Laura Bloxham
Michael Hutchings
Eric DeJong 

Financial Institutions Committee
Joan E. Robinson

Law of Commerce in Cyberspace Committee
: Alex Modelski

Legal Opinions Committee
Scott MacCormack

Nonprofit Corporations Committee
Judith Andrews

Partnerships and LLC Law Committee

Co-chairsElisabeth Yandell McNeil and Doug Batey

Securities Law Committee
Mark Beatty

Uniform Commercial Code Committee
Gregory Fox and Mark Patterson

Young Business Lawyers Committee**
Ronak Chokhani 

* Nonvoting members
** Ad hoc committee

All positions are for Fiscal Year 2020, except as otherwise indicated. Please contact subcommittee members for details on their upcoming meeting dates and locations.

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To join the section list serve and for general section questions, please send your email address and Bar number to For more information and to get involved with the section, please contact Section Chair Diane Lourdes Dick.