Updated: May 7, 2020

Volunteer to Represent WSBA on a Committee or Organization

Deadline for the following external volunteer positions is Monday, May 25, 2020. To apply, email a cover letter and résumé to barleaders@wsba.org.

A position on the Certified Professional Guardianship Board was previously posted in error. It will be reposted in 2021.

American Bar Association's House of Delegates

The WSBA Board of Governors is accepting applications from members interested in serving on the American Bar Association (ABA) House of Delegates representing the WSBA. Four positions are available for two-year terms beginning in August 2020. Incumbents are eligible to apply for reappointment. 

The control and administration of the ABA are vested in the House of Delegates, the policymaking body of the ABA. The House, composed of approximately 550 delegates, elects the ABA officers and board, and meets out of state twice a year. Delegate attendance is required. (To ensure full voting capacity exists at all times, an alternate will attend if one of the delegates were unable to attend a meeting.) 

The WSBA provides an expense reimbursement allowance of $800 per year per delegate.  Members may serve a maximum of three consecutive terms. Those serving on the ABA House of Delegates must be ABA members in good standing throughout their terms.

Commission on Judicial Conduct

The WSBA Board of Governors is seeking applicants interested in serving on the Commission on Judicial Conduct. Two positions are available: one as a member and one as an alternate. The incumbents are eligible to apply for reappointment. The term for these positions will begin on June 17, 2020, and expire on June 16, 2024.

The commission reviews complaints of ethical misconduct and disability against judicial officers, discusses the progress of investigations, and takes action to resolve complaints. The goal of the commission is to maintain confidence and integrity in the judicial system by seeking to preserve both judicial independence and public accountability. The public interest requires a fair and reasonable process to address judicial misconduct or disability, separate from the judicial appeals system that allows individual litigants to appeal legal errors. For more information visit www.cjc.state.wa.us or call the commission at 360-753-4585.

The commission consists of 11 members who serve four-year terms — six nonlawyer citizens, three judges, and two lawyers. Each member has an alternate whose term coincides with their corresponding member’s term. The lawyers must be admitted to practice in Washington and are appointed by the WSBA.

Washington Pattern Jury Instructions Committee

One position is open on the Washington Pattern Jury Instructions Committee for a term beginning July 16, 2020, and ending July 15, 2024. The WSBA will nominate an applicant to be appointed by the Washington Supreme Court. The incumbent is eligible to apply for reappointment.

Committee members research, draft, review, discuss, and vote on civil and criminal instructions proposed by subcommittees. This position requires a considerable time commitment. The full committee meets monthly in Seattle on Saturdays for three or four hours (except July and August), and members also serve on one or more subcommittees. It is a large committee with more than 30 members, including judges and lawyers, and two WSBA representatives. Committee members have the option of participating in meetings by telephone. The committee reimburses its members for their meeting travel expenses as permitted by state regulations. For additional information, please contact Stephanie Happold at stephanie.happold@courts.wa.gov.

The deadline for all positions is Monday, May 25, 2020. To apply, email a cover letter and résumé to barleaders@wsba.org