Updated: Oct. 27, 2023

Minority Bar Association Statements in Solidarity with Black Lives

Regional Minority Bar Associations

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Regional Minority Bar Associations

Asian Bar Association of Washington

The Asian Bar Association of Washington (ABAW) is a professional association of attorneys, judges, law professors, and law students who are interested and involved in matters of concern to the bar and Asian Pacific American community in Washington. For more information, or to join ABAW, please contact:

John Laney, President

John Fetters, Immediate Past President

The Cardozo Society

The Seattle Cardozo Society is a society for Jewish attorneys. The Society sponsors programs that integrate legal and Jewish concerns to demonstrate the unique contributions the legal profession can make to improve the Jewish community. Programs sponsored by the society are open to all attorneys and their guest and to others who share common goals or interest. For more information, or to join The Cardozo Society, please contact  cardozo@jewishinseattle.org or:

Aric Bomsztyk, President

Filipino Lawyers of Washington

The Filipino Lawyers of Washington (FLOW) is a professional association of lawyers in the Filipino community dedicated to fostering the exchange of ideas and information among and between its members and other members of the legal profession, the judiciary and the community; promoting the professional growth of its members; assisting in efforts to diversify the legal profession; cooperating with other organizations of minority attorneys; celebrating Filipino culture; and providing a vehicle and forum for the expression of opinions and positions about current social, political, economic, legal or other matters or events that concern the members of the association. For more information, or to join FLOW, please contact webmaster@filipinolawyers.org or:

Lindsay Appleton, President

John Laney, Immediate Past President

Korean American Bar Association of Washington

The mission of the Korean American Bar Association of Washington (KABA) is to provide professional development, networking and mentorship opportunities to its members and serve the community as a resource by hosting professional, educational, and community events. KABA is committed to leadership, community, and service. For more information, or to join KABA, please contact:

Chris Chang, President

Latina/Latino Bar Association of Washington

Formerly the Hispanic Bar of Washington, the purpose of the Latina/Latino Bar Association of Washington (LBAW) is to represent the concerns and goals of Latina/o people of the State of Washington. Membership is available to attorneys, judicial officers, law faculty, legal staff, and students. For more information, or to join LBAW, please contact: info@lbaw.org, President 

Favian Valencia, President

Loren Miller Bar Association

The Loren Miller Bar Association is an affiliate member of the National Bar Association whose purpose is the advancement of the social and economic well-being of its largely African-American membership; improving relations between the legal profession and the community at large; promoting understanding, goodwill and cooperation among lawyers and the interests of the legal profession; aiding in reforms for the economic and social welfare of all people in a manner consistent with the principles of a free democratic society; and improving the educational, social and economic status of the African-American community to eliminate discrimination. For more information, or to join LMBA, please contact:

Miles Russel, President

Lionel Greaves IV, Immediate Past President

Middle Eastern Legal Association of Washington

The Middle Eastern Legal Association of Washington (MELAW) is a non-profit legal organization for attorneys and law students of Middle Eastern descent, along with friends and supporters. MELAW seeks to advance the goals of its members, provide a legal voice for the Middle Eastern community in Washington, address and educate the public on legal and political issues facing Middle Easterners, and offer resources as well as networking and mentorship opportunities for its members and the public. For more information contact:

Theo Angelis, President

Maha Jafarey, President-Elect

Omar Nur, Immediate Past President

Mother Attorneys Mentoring Association of Seattle

MAMA Seattle is an organization dedicated to empowering attorney mothers and facilitating their success in the legal profession. MAMA Seattle hosts monthly networking events and brown bag lunches and maintains an active listserv, which serves as a valuable resource to members. The brown bag lunches feature panel presentations of particular interest to mother attorneys, addressing topics such marketing, business development, as re-entry into the legal market, time management, and work life balance. MAMA Seattle's networking events, which members attend with their children, provide a venue for mother attorneys to network, socialize, and problem solve in a supportive and child-friendly environment. For more information, or to join MAMA Seattle, please contact:info@mamaseattle.org

Amy Klosterman, President

Kasey Heuber, Vice President

Lori Hurl, Immediate Past President 

Northwest Indian Bar Association

The Northwest Indian Bar Association (NIBA) is an organization of Indian attorneys and judges in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and the Yukon Territory, which aspires to improve the legal and political landscape for the Pacific Northwest Indian community. For more information, or to join NIBA, please contact:

Anthony Jones, President

Dylan Hedden-Nicely, Vice President

Sarah Roubidoux Lawson, Immediate Past President 

Pierce County Minority Bar Association

The purpose of the Pierce County Minority Bar Association is to facilitate professional development and relationships among the various minority attorneys and legal professionals who reside or practice in Pierce County. It also seeks to foster diversity in the legal community and serve as a conscience of Pierce County minority communities on legal issues affecting them. For more information, or to join PCMBA, please contact:

Katherine Kameron, President

QLaw – The LGBT Bar Association

The LGBT Bar Association of Washington, affectionately known as "QLaw," is an association of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) legal professionals and their friends, serving as a voice for LGBT lawyers on issues relating to diversity and equality in the legal profession, in the courts, and under the law. To join QLaw, please contact membership@qlaw.org (membership inquiries only). For more information, please contact:

Kellen Andrew Hade, President

Dana Savage, Immediate Past President

Slavic Bar Association of Washington

The Slavic Bar Association of Washington (SBAW) is a professional association of legal practitioners and law students with ties to or interests in Slavic cultures and languages. SBAW is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes: to support members of the Bar and law students with Slavic ties; to educate others about Slavic ethnicity, culture, history, and people; to aid the Slavic community and those within it aspiring to enter the legal field. For more information, or to join SBAW, please contact:

Barry J. Wallis, President

South Asian Bar Association of Washington

The South Asian Bar Association of Washington (SABAW) is an organization of South Asian legal professionals in the Northwest dedicated to providing access to legal resources and support for issues relevant to the South Asian community. SABAW is also committed to identifying and advancing the areas where economic, social and political interests intersect with South Asian legal issues. Finally, SABAW serves as a liaison between South Asian legal professionals and the legal community at large. For more information, or to join SABAW, please contact:

Puja Faldu Dave, President

Nitika Arora, Immediate Past President

Spokane County Bar Association Diversity Section

Like our state’s official MBAs, the Spokane Diversity Section is committed to promoting inclusiveness through focusing on recruitment and retention of attorneys of color and diverse ethnic background.

Vietnamese American Bar Association of Washington

The Vietnamese American Bar Association of Washington is a legal society which was formed in 2005 for Vietnamese American attorneys, law students and friends who share its common vision. VABAW strives for legal excellence by facilitating and cultivating both professional and personal relationships among its members, the community and the judiciary. VABAW's goal is to provide mutual support for attorneys in the advancement of their careers, be a trusted guide and resource for students who aspire towards the legal profession, serve as a voice for the local Vietnamese American community, and represent Vietnamese American attorneys within the State Bar. For more information, or to join VABAW, please contact:

Joanne Kalas, President

Maria Williams, President-Elect

Amy Phan Taylor, Immediate Past-President

Washington Attorneys with Disabilities Association

The Washington Attorneys with Disabilities Association is a minority bar association serving as the voice of attorneys and law students with disabilities in the state of Washington. WADA’s mission is to promote the meaningful inclusion of people with disabilities throughout the legal profession; to eliminate the barriers to inclusion in the legal profession experienced by people with disabilities; and to promote the careers and professional development of WADA’s membership through mentorship, networking, alliances, and cultivation of a strong and vibrant community. Visit the WADA website or join us on the WADA list serve for more information about WADA activities. For more information, or to join WADA, please contact:

Jonathan Ko, President

Conrad Reynoldson, Immediate Past President

Washington State Veterans Bar Association

The Washington State Veterans Bar Association is a networking organization for attorneys and law students who have served in the United States Armed Forces. We are a non-partisan and veteran-centric organization. We seek to provide a voice for the 650,000 veterans of Washington State and address legal, political, and social issues facing veterans. For more information, or to join WSVBA, please visit our  website or contact:

Gavriel Jacobs, President

Thomas G. Jarrard, Immediate Past President

Washington Women Lawyers

Washington Women Lawyers is Washington's largest organization dedicated to furthering the full integration of women in the legal profession and promoting equal rights and opportunities for women. Through the combined resources of a statewide organization and a network of local chapters, Washington Women Lawyers offers programming and support for women lawyers throughout the state. For more information, or to join WWL, please visit our website or contact wwl@wwl.org.

Elizabeth Calora, President

Jessica Kerr, Immediate Past President