Updated: Feb. 24, 2021

Board of Governors Elections

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Board of Governors Congressional District Candidates & Election

The application deadline for the congressional positions has passed. Visit the Meet the Candidates page to learn more about the candidates for Districts 1, 4 and 5.  The congressional district election will begin March 15 and end April 1. Eligible members residing in these districts will be sent an electronic ballot. 

Congratulations to Serena Sayani, Governor-elect for Congressional District 7-South!

It's Time to Lead; Time to Make an Impact

The Washington State Bar Association will conduct an election to fill upcoming open positions on the Board. Below is the complete information regarding the 2021 Board Elections process. Learn More about Serving on the WSBA Board of Governors and join an informational session (details below).

Open Positions

2021 Filing Deadlines

  • At-Large Position (Young Lawyer): Tuesday, April 20 @ 5 p.m. PST
  • President-elect: Tuesday, April 20 @ 5 p.m. PST

Governor At-Large Position

Filing Information & Important Dates


Pursuant to the WSBA Bylaws, "any Active Lawyer member of the Bar who qualifies as a Young Lawyer may be nominated or apply for election as an At Large Governor.'

Pursuant to the WSBA Bylaws, the definition of a Young Lawyer is any 'Active Lawyer members of the Bar will be considered Young Lawyers until the last day of December of the year in which the member attains the age of 36 years or until the last day of December of the fifth year in which such member first was admitted to practice as a lawyer in any state, whichever is later.' 


Begins at the Sept. 23–24, 2021 Board Meeting through Sept. 30, 2024. 

The Role of the Washington Young Lawyers Committee

The Washington Young Lawyers Committee (WYLC) shall forward at least three candidates to the BOG who qualify as Young Lawyers as defined by Article XII(B) of these [WSBA] Bylaws. (...)The BOG shall then place all candidates forwarded by the Washington Young Lawyer Committee on the ballot to be elected by a vote of all Young Law Members (...).If the Washington Young Lawyers Committee forwards less than three candidates the BOG may, at its option, select additional qualifying candidates on its own or place only those candidates forwarded by the Washington Young Lawyers Committee on the ballot to be elected by a vote of all Young Lawyer Members (...).

The WYLC will be conducting interviews of all applicants on Saturday, May 8. More information about the interview process will be posted on the WYLC page.

Filing Information

To run for the Board of Governors, or to nominate another member, please submit the following materials by 5 p.m. PST on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 to barleaders@wsba.org.

Application Forms

Cover Letter

Addressed to the WYLC, this letter will be included in their meeting materials.


This information will be provided to the WYLC and included in their meeting materials.

Candidate Profile Form: Word format or PDF format

This form will be formatted to a WSBA design template and visible online.

Candidate Statement

The statement (200 words max.) will be visible online and included on the ballot. Hyperlinks are OK.

Letters of Support

Optional. Letters can be submitted separately or with your application materials. Letters can be addressed to the WYLC and will be included in the meeting materials. Letters of Support are due at 5 p.m. on April 20.


Optional. Candidate photos will visible online and included on the ballot.

Important Dates in 2021

Applicants, mark your calendars!

  • Informational Sessions: April 8 and April 15 at 12 p.m.
    Learn more and get your questions answered by discussing Board service with current members of the Board of Governors. Please join during the first 30 minutes of the session.

    April 8 Zoom Link
    Meeting ID: 968 1414 4035
    Passcode: 858703

    April 15 Zoom Link
    Meeting ID: 999 9378 9116
    Passcode: 549531

  • Applicant Interviews: Saturday, May 8. Interviews will be conducted by the Washington Young Lawyers Committee.
  • Candidate Video Recordings: Thursday, May 19. After the application deadline, candidates will be invited to select a time slot to film two brief 90-second candidate videos.
  • Election: June 1–15
    Candidates will be notified of the results the evening of June 15.
  • New Governor Orientation: TBD (likely late June or early July)
    Governors are required to participate in New Governor Orientation. Incoming and returning governors are invited to attend. Likely to occur in June; dates are forthcoming!
  • July Board of Governors Meeting: July 15–17
    Incoming governors are encouraged to attend the Board retreat and meeting in July. If permissible, this meeting will be held in Portland, Oregon.
  • September Board of Governors Meeting: Sept. 23–24
    Incoming governors be sworn-in and begin their term at this Board meeting.


Eligible Active Lawyer members who meet the definition of young lawyer, will receive an electronic ballot.

The WSBA will use an electronic voting system, and members will not receive a paper ballot unless they request one. Email ballots will be sent on June 1 and must be received by 5 p.m. PST on June 15.

President-Elect Position

The President-elect performs the duties of the President at the request of the President, or in the absence, inability, recusal or refusal of the President to perform those duties. The President-elect also performs such other duties as may be assigned by the President or the BOG. The President-elect is not a voting member of the BOG except when acting in the President's place at a meeting of the BOG and then only if the vote will affect the result. The President-elect succeeds as President unless removed from office. In addition to serving on various Committees, the President-elect is a member of the Board Legislative Committee. 


Active lawyer members of the WSBA are eligible to apply to serve as President-elect. 

Filing Information

  • Application Deadline is 5:00 p.m. on April 20.
  • President-Elect Application Form 2021
  • In addition to the application form, please submit a Letter of Interest, Resume, and short candidate statement (100 words). Letters of support are welcomed but not required. Letters of support should be submitted by the filing deadline. Letters can be sent separately or with the completed application.

The President-Elect will be elected by the Board of Governors at its May 14–15 meeting. All candidates are asked to attend the meeting to be interviewed by the Board.


If you require reasonable accommodations to complete your application, please contact barleaders@wsba.org.


Please contact Paris Eriksen, WSBA Volunteer Engagement Advisor, at parise@wsba.org or barleaders@wsba.org.