Updated: Sept. 27, 2023

Take Your Seat at the Table

The WSBA Board of Governors focuses on policy, leadership, strategy, and oversight of the organization. Service on the Board requires vision, leadership, diplomacy, and passion in pursuit of the WSBA's mission to serve the public and the members of the WSBA, to ensure the integrity of the legal profession and to champion justice.

Serving on the WSBA Board of Governors

2023 Board of Governors Elections Are Complete


View the Complete Election Results. All new Officers and Governors were sworn in at the Sept. 8-9 Board of Governors Meeting in Spokane, Washington. 

Looking Ahead: 2024–2025 Board of Governors Positions & Deadlines

The WSBA Board of Governors will be seeking applications for the following positions:

Governor District 1, currently held by Governor and President-elect Sunitha Anjilvel
Governor District 4, currently held by Governor Mary Rathbone
Governor District 5, currently held by Governor & Treasurer Francis Adewale
Governor District 7 South, currently held by Governor Serena Sayani
Governor At Large (Young Lawyer), currently held by Governor Jordan Couch

More information will be posted Jan. 2, 2024.


The WSBA is committed to full access and participation by persons with disabilities. If you have any questions about accessibility or require accommodation, please contact accomodations@wsba.org and visit our Accommodations page for more information.


Please contact Paris Eriksen, WSBA Volunteer Engagement Advisor, at parise@wsba.org or barleaders@wsba.org.

The WSBA values diversity and inclusion, and encourages Black, indigenous, and people of color; women; people from the LBGTQ communities; people with disabilities; and members of other groups who have been systemically oppressed to apply for our committees, boards, and panels.