Updated: Jan. 29, 2021

Diversity and Inclusion Resources for Legal Professionals and Employers

Our 2012 Membership Study found that members who identified with one or more underrepresented groups reported experiencing social, opportunity, and advancement barriers in their professional careers. These barriers included being excluded, misunderstood, offered fewer opportunities, not receiving a raise or promotion and being treated differently. The WSBA Membership Study Executive Summary shares highlights from the study. 

Informed by the study results, the Board of Governors, adopted our Diversity and Inclusion Plan. The plan reflects the unique roles for which the Bar is positioned as a unified bar: to create and help nurture the conditions that will encourage diverse lawyers to enter, remain, thrive and ultimately to lead the profession and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. 

2012 WSBA Diversity Study Resource Sheets for Attorneys and Law Firms

Unconscious Implicit Bias

Subtle, unconscious processes and preconceptions influence all decision making, whether it be a decision about litigation strategy or hiring. In turn, the unconscious/implicit biases influence the work of achieving inclusion. 

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REJI Organizational Race Equity Toolkit

The Washington Race Equity & Justice Initiative (REJI) Organizational Race Equity Toolkit is designed to help organizations, particularly equity and justice-oriented legal organizations, understand and incorporate race equity into their work. Among its tools and resources, the Toolkit provides an assessment tool that organizations, particularly legal organizations, can use to assess and advance their practices, policies, and culture in order to provide race equity and support the development of organizational equity plans.