Updated: June 12, 2019

WSBA's Diversity department holds several annual events, which are listed below. Each of the events has a brief description of what the event is, and who the target audiences are. If you would like to know more about one or more of the events please join the Diversity Stakeholder's List by emailing diversity@wsba.org.

Diversity Programming

WSBA Community Networking Events

These outreach events focus on bringing WSBA presence and MBA information to outlying areas and inviting the participation of local members. The WSBA governor from the representative district, a representative of the WSBA Diversity Committee, and WSBA staff are on hand to present information and answer member questions. MBA and Specialty/Local Bar associations have the option of sending a representative to share information about their work, and/or to help promote the event to their respective members.

Legal Lunchbox Webinar Series

The Legal Lunchbox series CLEs is a free webcast offered at noon on the last Tuesday of each month as a benefit to WSBA members. WSBA Diversity program provides content direction for three of the twelve scheduled CLEs. Diversity committee members are given the first opportunity to volunteer as faculty.

Beyond the Dialogue Community Discussions

The WSBA Diversity Program's Beyond the Dialogue series addresses bias, intersectional identities, and the impact of larger societal issues within the legal profession. Beyond the Dialogue is designed to support the effective practice of law by increasing cultural awareness and competency. The series brings together WSBA members to highlight and examine current, important issues in the legal profession. Speakers share professional and personal stories of challenge and triumph with the goal of reducing bias, connecting broader social issues to the work of legal professionals, increasing interpersonal skills, and supporting professional development.

1L Diversity Fellowships

WSBA Partners with the state's three law schools in utilizing shared resources to support the onboarding of law students into the profession. The diversity committee works closely with students and staff through each school’s center for professional development to review and provide input on 1L diversity fellowship applications and mock interviews

ARC Reception

For the past several years, the WSBA Committee for Diversity has hosted a welcome to the profession reception for students in the Academic Resource Center at Seattle University School of Law.  Seattle University School of Law recognized the importance of creating this access admissions program to provide access to a legal education and support for applicants from underrepresented communities. Applicants who have not been in an academic setting for a number of years, have been culturally, economically, or historically disadvantaged, have learning or physical disabilities, and have indicators that show the applicant can compete in law school are considered for this program.


For more information contact: diversity@wsba.org