WYLC Subcommittees

The Washington Young Lawyers Committee welcomes new and young lawyers to join a WYLC subcommittee. Involvement and expectations of the subcommittees may vary. Contact subcommittee chairs for more information.  

Outreach and Budget Subcommittee

Chair: Russel Knight 
Sets the agenda for outreach events across the state to educate and inform new and young lawyers. Tracks funds dedicated to WYLC outreach events and meetings.

2016-2017 goals:
  • Hold outreach and educational events across the state. 
  • Educate and inspire new and young lawyers. 
  • Track the budget for meeting expenses, outreach and other events to efficiently use WSBA resources.

Leadership Subcommittee

Chair: Kjersti Stroup
Administers the Public Service and Leadership Award and American Bar Association attendance scholarship and awardee recognition. Selects ABA new lawyer delegates. Explores leadership opportunities and support for new/young lawyers in Washington.  

2016-2017 goals:

  • Get a strong pool of candidates for the Public Service & Leadership award and ABA scholarships
  • Award the Public Service & Leadership Award Quarterly
  • Help people attend the ABA Midyear and Annual Conferences

Mentorship Subcommittee

Chair: Whitny Norton 
Works with the bar to produce "episodic mentorship events" and explore other mentorship opportunities for new/young lawyers, including through partnerships with WSBA Mentorlink.

2016-2017 goals:

  • Hold Mentorship Mixers throughout the state
  • Engage section leadership in hosting Mentorship Mixers
  • Come up with ideas to help new and young lawyers gain meaningful employment

Incubator Program Subcommittee

Chair: Mike Moceri
Engages in high-level discussions on incubator programs and assesses the WYLC's role in these endeavors.

2016-2017 goals:

  • Complete draft incubator business plan by August, 2017
  • Outreach to WSBA, Law Schools, Philanthropists, Big Box Stores, Law Firms, Chambers of Commerce, and Tech Companies for Support and Resources

Recruiting, Retention and Retiring Subcommittee

Chair: Jacob Brennan
Participates in planning of 2017 summit with regional partners; continue discussing recruitment, retention, and succession as it pertains to young lawyers; committee discussion and proposals can occur at any meeting upon request.

2016-2017 goals:

  • Connect with Oregon New Lawyer Divison (ONLD) Leadership regarding current status of plans
  • Meet with ONLD counterparts prior to 2016 year end
  • Apply for ABA YLD funding
  • Plan a Hood River, OR, Regional Summit   

Debt Subcommittee

Chair: Kim Sandher
Brainstorms and researches options and looks for opportunities to encourage WSBA to "provide low-cost and free professional resources to new/young lawyers," including exploring how to give new lawyers access to a brief bank and financial planning services. Informs WSBA's LOMAP Specialist what would be beneficial services for new lawyers.  

2016-2017 goals:

  • Identify brief banks that currently exist in WA (e.g. sections of the bar, local county bar associations, area of law committees, etc.) 
  • Research student loan debt forgiveness options currently available 
  • Have resource packages sent out as part of quarterly contact emails 
  • Produce a free NLE with a CPA focusing on solo and small firm, as well as student loan tax issues 
  • Research financial planning services already offered by other bar associations or committees   

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