WSBA Mini-CLE Program

Many sections want to offer free or low-cost CLE credits as a benefit to members. Understanding this need, WSBA developed the Mini-CLE Program. This program consists of events that offer no more than two CLE credits, and tuition is limited to $35 (usually free to section members). WSBA CLE does not charge an administrative fee for the services it provides to sections to support a Mini-CLE, and any revenue a Mini-CLE generates goes directly to the section.

In addition, WSBA now offers the opportunity for all WSBA sections to utilize the WSBA Webinar Tool for Mini-CLEs at our offices in downtown Seattle. We are also offering an opportunity for the sections to partner with the WSBA CLE to produce fully supported webinars for members. For more detailed information on these options, please reference the Webinar Tool Guidelines.*

The Mini-CLE program is designed to support section member benefit programming and not as a substitute for half-day or full-day CLE programs. If a section wishes to offer those programs, please contact a WSBA sections program lead or email to connect you to the appropriate CLE staff member.

Mini-CLE Event Form
Review Steps and Timelines for Mini-CLE Programs 

Mini-CLE Process

What does the section do?
  • Designs a short educational program (no more than 2 credit hours).
  • Recruits the speaker(s).
  • Secures event space (please note, sections may NOT enter into contracts for event space without prior WSBA CLE approval). Events must follow WSBA event policy guidelines (e.g. ADA accessibility, volunteers, money handling, etc.).
  • Collects coursebook material, makes copies, and distributes to program attendees.
  • Assigns a section representative to act as liaison with the WSBA and to submit a completed Mini-CLE event form six to eight weeks prior to the event. 
  • Assumes responsibility for all event-related expenses.
  • Follows all procedures and timelines.

*You may now register for the upcoming Webinar Producer Trainings taking place on 4/24/17.

What does WSBA staff do?

  • Reviews the submitted Mini-CLE event form for completeness.
  • Reviews the proposed agenda for CLE credit-worthiness.
  • Works with the section representative to finalize the form if additional information is needed.
  • Prepares and submits Form-1 to request MCLE credit approval.
  • Administers electronic registrations.
  • Posts information about the program on the section's website (if requested by the section).
  • Sends a broadcast email promoting the program (if requested by the section).
  • Prepares sign-in sheets and sends them to the section representative via email the day before the event.
  • Reports credits to MCLE after the event. (Section representative must submit the completed sign-in sheets and any walk-in registrations within three days after the event). Note: MCLE charges a fee for this service.
  • Processes any expense reimbursement claims submitted by the section representative (the section is charged for any such expenses).


Mini-CLE Form

Submit this form for short CLE programs at least six weeks prior to the CLE event.