Preadmission Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions Process

Can I attend a live seminar or complete the online course before I am eligible for admission?
No. Completing the course before you receive notification that you have passed the exam or that you qualify for admission through reciprocity is premature. If you certify completion before you are eligible for admission, it will not count.

Can I attend the live seminar or complete the online course and get MCLE credit?
No. This course satisfies only the preadmission education requirement for admission to practice law in Washington. MCLE credits are not available for this course.

Do I have to take this course if I took a similar class, in another state?
Yes. APR 5 requires that all admittees to the Washington bar take the course prior to admission.

I have made arrangements through the office of admissions to take the oath of attorney. Do I need to complete the course before then?
No. APR 5 does not specify in what order to complete the admission requirements.

When can I expect to be admitted?
Contact for any follow-up questions about the admissions process.

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Must I register to take a Preadmission Education course?
It depends. If live seminars are available and you wish to attend, you must register online at least 24 hours beforehand. Registration is accessible through the Preadmission Education Program page. You do not need to register to take the online course.

What information do I need in order to register?
New Applicants: You will need an email address, your seven-digit WSBA applicant identification number (found on your WSBA New Admittee Licensing Form), and the month and year you took the bar exam.
Former WSBA Members: You will need an email address, your WSBA bar number, and the month and year you took the bar exam.
Reciprocity Applicant: You will need an email address and your seven-digit WSBA applicant identification number (found on your WSBA New Admittee Licensing Form). Enter "Rule 18" for the bar exam date.

How can I locate my seven-digit applicant ID number?
The ID number should be on correspondence you received from WSBA Admissions. Contact if you cannot locate your applicant identification number.

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Live Seminars

If I want to attend a live seminar, do I have to register for one in my county of residence?
No. You can take the course at the location of your choice. Please register for only one location. Typically, live seminars occur from mid-May to mid-June and mid-October to mid-November. Registration opens for live seminars approximately May 1 or October 1. All locations offering live seminars are indicated on the Preadmission Education Program page.

I have registered for a live seminar, but will not be able to stay for the entire program. Can I get partial credit for attending part of the seminar?
No. Partial credit is not available for the Preadmission Education course. You should cancel your registration, register for a different program, or complete the course online.

How do I verify that I completed a live seminar?
If you attend a live seminar, be sure to sign the attendance roster at the seminar site. If you do not sign in, you will not receive credit for attendance. The attendance roster will be given to the Admissions Department following the seminar.

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Online Course

What is the format of the online course?
The online course is a series of videos with downloadable materials.

Do I have to take the online video in a single session?
No. You may complete the modules of the course in several sittings.

Does the WSBA track my viewing of the online course?
No, the WSBA does not track your viewing. Applicants are responsible for taking the entire online course and for confirming that they completed it via online verification. Admissions will not continue to process your application unless you verify online.

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What can I do if I do not have Internet access?
If you do not have access to the Internet at home or work, you may need to use a computer available at a public library, law school, or a store with a business center. Although the course itself is free, applicants are responsible for their own Internet access.

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Online Course Confirmation Process

How do I confirm that I completed the online course?
Confirm that you've completed all four hours of the online course by submitting your certification through the online confirmation form. If you did not complete your application online, confirm that you viewed the videos by submitting the electronic confirmation of video viewing form and refer to items number 2 and 3 below.

I completed the confirmation form online; however, I did not receive any confirmation email. Are we supposed to get some type of confirmation after completing and submitting the form?
You should have received an email upon completing the online confirmation form. If you did not receive an email, please contact the Admissions Department at

What happens after I submit my confirmation form?
At that point, your confirmation enters a secure online database. Admissions will complete the processing of your application. If you have further questions about the admission process, please contact the Admissions Department at

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