PREP Online Course

The online course presents new and experienced Washington state attorneys talking about civility, professionalism, practice issues, law office management and work-life balance. 

Complete these modules in any order. View them in one or several sittings – it is easy to pick up where you stopped. 

To get started, go to one of the module pages and use the buttons in the module to progress to the first short video. You must follow the instructions, answer the questions, and complete the survey to fully complete the module.

*Note: once you begin a module, you must complete it in the same sitting. Each module requires approximately 50 minutes to complete.

To best view the modules, use Internet Explorer or Firefox. Be sure you are using a high speed internet connection.

To complete the Admissions requirement, confirm that you've completed all of the modules by submitting your certification through the online admissions site. If you did not complete your application online, submit the Preadmission Online Course confirmation form to WSBA verifying your completion of this requirement. 

Module Pages

Module One

Professionally Speaking

Module Three

Managing Your Legal Career

Module Five

Your Legal Community

Module Two

Not Rules, Relationships!

Module Four

Managing Your Practice

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Live PREP Course

If you prefer to make stronger connections with your legal community, learn details about local practice rules, or meet your local court staff and judges, then the live seminar is for you.

Check the list of upcoming live seminars.

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