PREP for Bar Applicants

You've just passed the bar exam! Congratulations on qualifying for admission to practice law in the State of Washington. You're on your way to becoming an attorney in Washington state. So what's next?

The Preadmission Education Program (PREP) is a prerequisite to applying for licensure in Washington state. By Supreme Court rule, you must complete the free PREP course prior to your admission to practice law. PREP is offered as a series of online videos and, in some cases, as a live seminar at various locations throughout the state.

Preadmission Online Videos

You can accelerate your success with practical information by completing the PREP course online.

To complete the online course:

  1. Complete all of the modules in the online course.
  2. Download the course book chapters for your reference and review as you take the course.
  3. Enter certification that you have completed this requirement in your online admissions account. By Supreme Court rule, you must complete the free PREP course (online or a live seminar) prior to your admission to practice law.


Preadmission Live Seminars

Live seminars build your connections with your legal community and increase your awareness of local practice rules. If you cannot make a live seminar, or there is not one planned in your area, you can complete the PREP course online instead.

Check back for information about upcoming live PREP seminars.

WA State Counties

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PREP Online Course

Module 1-5 videos

Preadmission FAQ

Go to our Preadmission FAQ page for answers on admission process, accessibility and online videos.

Bar Exam Results and Admission

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