There are many ways in which the WSBA is working to acknowledge and support lawyers facing significant debt loads. Below is a list of various ways you can navigate maintaining your active member status while managing your debt.

"Collectively, my wife and I earn around $120,000/year. Student loan debt is a millstone around our necks. We are barely past paycheck-to-paycheck living and loans are actively preventing our entry into the middle class. To the extent that the WSBA can do something/anything about this burden, it would be great." 

— WSBA New Lawyer


How the WSBA can help you:



License Fee Tier Structure for New Attorneys
Pay 50% of the full active fee for your first two full licensing years after admission in any jurisdiction.

Payment Plan, Hardship Exemption and Armed Forces Exemption


Section Membership

FREE Section Membership to New Admittees
Available to those in their first year of admission to WSBA


Continuing Your Education

WSBA New Lawyer Education
Seminars are offered to new lawyers in their first four years of practice in any jurisdiction at a significant price reduction.

Just the FAQs
Short videos with practical tips

Moderate Means Program
Take a case and get the skills you need for free

The Student Loan Debt Crisis

Managing Your Student Loans

Mentorship Program

Engage in a mentorship program that's right for you.

Career Center

Resources at Washington Law Schools

Financial Aid Office
Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP)
Gonzaga University School of Law

Student Financial Services
Loan Assistance: Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP)
Seattle University School of Law

Paying For Law School: Financial Aid
University of Washington School of Law