Mentorship Curriculum

WSBA Mentorship Programming facilitates enriching conversation between mentors and mentees. The Mentorship Curriculum and Curriculum Guide below will help you with best practices, coaching tips and provide an overview of the worksheet with the goal to support and strengthen your mentorship relationship. 

Get started with The WSBA Mentorship Curriculum Guide.

These worksheets help mentor and mentee navigate difficult and complex topics. This valuable resource can be utilized in a variety of ways – from conversation starters, to providing structure for the mentor-mentee relationships, or helping transitioning attorneys in any stage of their career.

Ethics Personal Development
Improving the Legal System Professional Development
Law Office Practice Substantive Law 

This resource was created as a supplement to the MCLE Self-Directed Structured Mentoring Program Guide, if you choose to claim CLE credit for your established mentorship relationship.


  1. Ethics Traps and How to Avoid Common Pitfalls
  2. Quality Control and the Practice/Business of Law
  3. Ethics and Civility
  4. Race, Culture, and Civility in the Legal Profession

Improving the Legal System

  1. Access to Justice
  2. Introduction to the Courthouse
  3. Oral Advocacy
  4. Pro Bono Opportunities
  5. Niche and Nontraditional Legal Careers
  6. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  7. Diversity

Law Office Practice

  1. Starting Your Law Office
  2. Financial Management for the Law Office
  3. Screening and Managing Clients
  4. Office Technology and Infrastructure 

Personal Development

  1. Substance Abuse and Mental Health
  2. Work-Life Balance 

Professional Development

  1. Civility and Etiquette in Your Practice
  2. Goal Setting

More to Come in Substantive Law

Look for these next worksheets in early February 2017.

  1. Administrative Law
  2. Bankruptcy/Consumer Law
  3. Elder Law
  4. Labor/Employment Law
  5. Family Law
  6. Health Law