Practice Transition Opportunity Program

Program History

The Practice Transition Opportunity Program was created in 2013 to support member transitions across the life of their practice, because the 2012 WSBA Membership Survey found that about half of the membership will reach the age of retirement in the next tenyears.

PTOP initially focused only on buying and selling a law practice; however the survey indicated that reasons for retiring and the ways lawyers wanted to retire varied widely. In response, the program was expanded to include options and strategies that fit retiring lawyers with a variety of circumstances and objectives.

A mass exodus of baby boomers from the workforce is a national issue. Predictions vary from worrisome loss of leadership to exciting opportunity. What's more likely, it will be a mixed bag, so the time is nigh to start planning to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid the hardships. 

We heard from our members

Dan Farr
Why he retired
Walt Krueger
Why he chose to sell
his firm
John Mitchell
Paying it forward
in a legacy firm


Succession Planning

Protecting your practice and clients

How to Sell Your Practice

Step-by-step Instructions for Listing Your Practice for Sale

List Your Practice For Sale

List your practice for sale as a Practice Transition Opportunity in the WSBA Career Center.

It is free to list your practice for sale — just enter coupon code 60911657 during check out.