Transferring Your UBE Score

If you have a UBE score of 270 or higher from another state, and meet the qualification for the lawyer bar examination under APR 3(b), you can transfer your score to Washington for up to 40 months after the date of the administration of the UBE for which the score was earned. The MPRE score must be acquired three years before or no later than 40 months after the applicant achieves a passing score on the UBE. You must have sat for the full UBE. Washington only accepts official UBE score transcripts in their entirety. We do not accept score transfers for the individual test components, nor do we allow applicants to register for select parts of the exam.

Requirements for UBE Transfer 

Applicants must have an acceptable UBE transfer score at the time of application. UBE Transfer applicants may submit a completed online application at anytime.

Approval may take four to six months for UBE transfer applicants licensed in other jurisdictions.  

For applicants who have never been admitted in another jurisdiction, approval takes two to three months from application submission. 

Once the application is approved, applicants will receive an email notification.

Note: You have one year from the date of submitting your application to complete the admissions process. After one year, you will need to submit a new application and fee. You may withdraw your application at any time subject to a $300 non-refundable administrative fee. Fees paid to the NCBE are also non-refundable.

Questions about transferring a UBE score in Washington should be directed to or 206-727-8209.

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