Limited Practice Officers

A limited practice officer, or LPO, is a person certified by the Washington Supreme Court under rule 12 of the Admission to Practice Rules (APR). Although not a lawyer, an LPO is authorized to select, prepare, and complete documents in a form previously approved by the Limited Practice Board for use in closing a loan, extension of credit, sale, or other transfer of real or personal property.

Limited Practice Officer


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Information on the LPO application and exam

LPO Status Changes

New Employer, Financial Responsibility Forms, Address & Name Changes, etc.

LPO Continuing Education

Information for LPOs and seminar sponsors

LPO Forms

Forms Approved by the Limited Practice Board for Use by LPOs

LPO Public Notices

Notice of actions taken against the LPO license.

LPO Directory

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LPOs can log into the LPO Directory to access continuing education info.

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Limited Practice Board

LPO Rules and Regulations

APR 12, LPO-RPC, Continuing Education Regs, etc.

LPO Grievance Form

File a complaint against an LPO.

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