Limited Licenses

Limited Practice Officers (LPO) and Limited License Legal Technicians (LLLT)

In Washington, there are 2 licenses authorizing the limited practice of law by individuals with certain qualifications: Limited Practice Officers (LPOs), under APR 12, and Limited License Legal Technicians (LLLTs), under APR 28.

Limited License Legal Technicians (LLLT)

Limited License Legal Technicians are non-attorneys who meet certain educational and experience requirements to advise and assist clients in approved practice areas of law.

The LLLT Program was authorized under APR 28 in September 2012. The LLLT Board is expected to begin accepting applications for the licensing examination in late Summer/Early Fall 2014 and begin licensing of LLLTs in late Fall 2014/early 2015.

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Limited License Legal Technicians

A new class of legal professionals for better access to judicial system

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Limited License Legal Technician Board

Board policies, rules, meetings, and contact information

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Limited Time Waiver

Learn how certain LLLT requirements may be waived if you have previous legal experience.

Limited Practice Officers (LPO)

An LPO is authorized to select, prepare, and complete form documents for use in closing a loan, extension of credit, sale, or other transfer of real or personal property. LPOs are not lawyers.

LPOs are authorized by the Washington State Supreme Court under APR 12. Authorized LPOs are listed in the Limited Practice Officer Directory.

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Limited Practice Officers

Information and Resources for LPOs

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Become an LPO

Information on the LPO application and exam

LPO Directory

Use the LPO Directory to find LPOs.

LPOs can log into the LPO Directory to access continuing education info.

Access the LPO Directory now.

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