Rules and Regulations

The admissions process is governed by the Admission and Practice Rules, Admission Policies, and the application instructions.

Bar Exam applications and admissions are governed by APR 1-5, 7.

Admission by Motion applications and admissions are governed by APR 1-5.

Law Clerk Program is governed by APR 6.

Rule 9 Licensed Legal Interns are governed by APR 9.

Limited Practice Officers (LPO) are governed by APR 12.

Limited License Legal Technicians (LLLT) are governed by APR 28.

Character and Fitness requirements and proceedings are governed by APR 20-24

Washington Professional Responsibility duties are set forth in the Rules of Professional Conduct for:

Membership in the WSBA is governed by the WSBA Bylaws.

Any discrepancy or conflict between the information provided here and the rules and regulations set by the Washington Supreme Court, or the bylaws and policies of the Washington State Bar Association, is unintentional and will be resolved in favor of strict compliance with the rules, regulations, bylaws and policies.