Pro Hac Vice

Exception for Particular Action or Proceeding

Read APR 8(b) for information about pro hac vice admission in Washington. 

How to Apply for Pro Hac Vice Admission

These procedures and APR 8(b) apply only to Washington state courts. If you want to apply for admission to federal courts, please see local federal court rules and procedures.

You must file with the court the original motion and proposed order. You should use the form motions with proposed orders for each court level in Washington listed in the right column of this page. (The court does not need the cover sheet.)

You must file with the WSBA:

  • A copy of the motion
  • The original pro hac vice coversheet (also in the right column of this page)
  • A non-refundable $415 fee ($385 PHV application fee + $30 Lawyer's Fund for Client Protection assessment) payable to the WSBA. You do not need to file a certificate of good standing. 

Please Note: Our service provider will charge you a separate, non-refundable transaction fee of 2.5% on all bank card transactions. There is no transaction fee if you mail in a check.

You may file with the court and WSBA simultaneously.

You must pay the fee for each lawyer on each case; e.g., you may file one motion to admit two lawyers pro hac vice, but the fee will be $830. You do not need to pay another fee when appealing a case to a higher court in which pro hac vice has been granted, but you must file a motion. If a new lawyer is handling the appeal, a new fee is required.

The WSBA maintains a record only of the applications/motions for pro hac vice admission. You will not receive an acknowledgment or receipt from the WSBA. The court will decide whether to grant the motion and the WSBA does not have a record of whether admission pro hac vice was granted. Please contact the court for that information.

If you have questions about pro hac vice admission, contact WSBA Service Center at 800-945-9722, 206-443-9722, or

Pro Hac Vice Coversheet

You must file the Pro Hac Vice Coversheet, a copy of the motion, and the $415 fee to the WSBA.


Form Motions

Use the appropriate form motion depending on court level below. Note: King County Superior Court requires electronic filing. E-filing forms have a separate motion and proposed order.

Washington Supreme Court 

Washington Court of Appeals 

County Superior Court 

    E-file Motion

    E-file Order

County District Court 

Municipal Court