Pro Bono and Public Service Volunteer Tools

As part of WSBA's strategic goal to enhance the culture of service among its members, we are pleased to provide the following resource information for lawyers engaged in pro bono and public service work.

Northwest Justice Project

Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project logoThe Washington State Bar Association, Northwest Justice Project and hundreds of volunteer lawyers are working together to help Washington families at risk of foreclosure through the Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project.

Moderate Means Program

Moderate Means program logo The Washington State Bar Association, the three law schools in Washington, and hundreds of participating attorneys are working together to serve moderate-income households through the Moderate Means Program

Public Service Training

As part of WSBA's strategic goal to enhance the culture of service among members, we are pleased to offer free MCLE-accredited training courses to support volunteers who provide pro bono assistance in their communities, work with legal service programs and/or participate in WSBA's public service program and initiatives.  Visit for a listing of current live and recorded training modules. 

Practice Management Support

WSBA's Law Office Management Assistance Program (LOMAP) is a resource for all members of the WSBA.  LOMAP offers low-cost and confidential professional assistance with office administration as well as print and web resources to assist with opening, closing, and managing your practice. LOMAP services may be especially useful for solo and small firm practitioners, those opening a practice, and those closing a practice.

Join a Section

Membership in one or more of WSBA's sections provides an avenue for members to pursue their interests in various areas of the law.  Over 13,000 WSBA members currently belong to one or more of WSBA's 27 practice sections. The sections offer members a collective voice and afford the opportunity to become better acquainted with colleagues who practice in similar areas of the law.

Section membership provides an opportunity for improving knowledge and professional development through a myriad of member benefits, including continuing legal education offerings, involvement with the Washington state legislative process, and more.

Online Research Tools

WSBA offers Casemaker, a powerful online research library, at no charge to WSBA members.  Casemaker provides free access to case law, statutes, and other materials from all 50 states, in addition to a comprehensive data set including Supreme Court Opinions and Circuit and District Court opinions.  WSBA also provides links to electronic legal resource information

County Bar Associations

Participation in your local bar association often provides invaluable opportunities to connect with colleagues and judges in your community.  Many county bar associations meet regularly, host annual gatherings and social functions, offer local CLEs, circulate newsletters, organize local practice sections, and provide many other member benefits.  WSBA provides a comprehensive county bar association list with website and contact information.

The WSBA's Lawyers Assistance Program

The Lawyers Assistance Program (LAP) promotes the health and well-being of WSBA members.  LAP offers individual counseling for mental health and addiction issues, group counseling for job seekers and unemployed attorneys seeking support, phone counseling for attorneys outside the Seattle area, and education, outreach, resources and referrals.  All services are confidential according to Admission to Practice Rule 19 and are available for WSBA lawyers, judges, and law students.


Please contact WSBA Public Service Department.

Lawyer Registration

Volunteer for the Moderate Means Program or the Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project

Moderate Means Program

A referral program serving middle income families

Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project

Emeritus Volunteers