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senior citizens bikingWelcome to the rank of Senior Lawyer! The Senior Lawyers Section is geared toward lawyers aged 55 years and counting or who have been in practice in any jurisdiction for 25 years. The section hosts an annual meeting and CLE program, social activities, and a newsletter. CLE programs focus on issues such as ethics, computer use, retirement strategies, and appellate procedures.

Pursuant to the section's bylaws, any active member of the Washington State Bar Association 55 years of age or older or who has been in practice in any jurisdiction for 25 years may be enrolled as a member of the section upon request and payment of annual section dues ...and for the purpose recommended by the executive committee of the section and approved by the WSBA Board of Governors. Inactive members of the WSBA and other lay persons may join as subscribers for the purpose of participating in the activities of the section but may not be involved in the governance of the section. Additionally, in accordance with the bylaws of the WSBA, law students may join the section as non-voting subscriber members. 

For those of you who are not already members of the Senior Lawyers Section, consider joining this enthusiastic group by signing up now. In the words of past Chairman Fred Frederickson, "We have the best time of any section in the Association. Our longtime friends and compatriots at the Bar have much to offer each other."

The section's quarterly publication, Life Begins, is geared toward active senior lawyers. Section members are encouraged to submit articles of general interest and on legal issues.

SAVE THE DATE for the Senior Lawyers Conference at the Seatac Marriott on May 5, 2017.

This year the section is addressing the topic of the shifting demographics within the legal profession and the challenges and opportunities ahead for Baby Boomers and beyond. Over a third of the attorneys in WA and nationwide are Baby Boomers facing unique challenges as they decide if, how, and when to transition out of the practice of law. Our seminar this year addresses some of those challenges not only to Baby Boomers, but to those who come before and after the Baby Boomer generation.

We also welcome Washington Supreme Court Justice Charles Wiggins, who will discuss Ethical Lessons from WWII: The Japanese Internment and former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan, who will be discussing cybersecurity.

Register today by clicking here!

(Oct. 1, 2015-Sept. 30, 2016)
*Sources: Year-End Section Financial Reports, Section Annual Report & WSBA Demographics Report

Members: 305

New/Young Lawyers: 1%


  • King County: 59%
  • Peninsula & Southern Washington: 16%
  • Central & Eastern Washington: 9%
  • Northern Washington: 11%


  • Public Sector/Government: 4%
  • In-House: 2%
  • Solo: 41%
  • Small Firm (2-10): 21%
  • Medium Firm (11-50): 9%
  • Large Firm (51+): 3%


  • Newsletters (2)
    The section produced two newsletters, which included recaps of prior section CLEs and other articles written by section members.
  • Committees
    The executive committee met nine times during the year. The committee spent considerable time discussing the present and future of the section, in light of the changing demographics of the profession, and how to make the section attract more legal professionals of all ages and practice experience.
  • CLEs (1)
    The section co-sponsored another successful Annual Meeting in May at the SeaTac Marriott, with more than a 100 lawyers in attendance. The conference theme, "The Changing Landscape," featured relevant presentations by noted speakers who appealed to the broad base that distinguishes the makeup of section membership.

Financial Review:

  • Dues: $25
  • Total Revenue (actual): $7,729.51
  • Total Expenses (actual): $8,279.68
  • Total Fund balance (actual): $9,357.04

Expenses (actual)

  • Per-member-charge: $5,531.25 / 66.80%
  • Member benefits: $2,195.51 / 26.52%
  • Executive Committee: $552.92 / 6.68%

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