Real Property, Probate and Trust Section

power of attorney documentThe mission of the Real Property, Probate & Trust Section of the Washington State Bar Association is to assist our members in achieving the highest standards of competence, professionalism and ethics in their practices; to assist the Legislature in the enactment and improvement of the laws affecting real property, probate, trusts and estates; to assist the Judiciary in the just administration of those laws; to support the WSBA with regard to those matters which concern the practice of law in the areas of real property, probate, trusts and estates and to otherwise serve our members by helping them realize their professional goals.


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Section Members: The Section's list serve is administered by the Real Property, Probate and Trust Section. Join the list serve. For general Section questions, send your email address and Bar number to For more information and to get involved with the Section, please contact Section Chair Heidi Orr.

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