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female attorney with two male attorneys in backgroundThe Business Law Section is committed to providing services that its members value, operating in a fiscally responsible manner, and enhancing the professional collegiality among all Washington business lawyers. Members have access to certain restricted portions of this website, such as the Current Developments and Legislation pages. Members are also entitled to receive a semiannual newsletter and other publications prepared from time to time, including: a sourcebook containing in-depth comments and legislative history on the Business Corporation Act (RCW 23B); a report on opinion letter practice in Washington; events; and a list serve.

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Business Law Section Midyear Seminar: A Practical Guide to Updates and Trends in 2016

Given the broad expanse of business law practice, it is no surprise how quickly the landscape can change.  These changes can have critical impacts on your clients.  Join the distinguished faculty as they provide practical views to significant updates and trends in Business Law for 2016. Topics will include:

  • Changes to the Washington Business Corporation Act (Title 23B)
  • Limited Liability Company regulatory updates effective Jan. 1, 2016
  • Case law updates in Washington and beyond
  • Legal Opinions Committee updates
  • Trends in information and data security
  • Nonprofit primer

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