Advancing Diversity & Inclusion

The Washington State Bar Association’s mission is to serve the public and the members of the Bar, ensure the integrity of the legal profession, and to champion justice.

As such, WSBA is committed to advancing diversity and inclusion within the legal profession, and is dedicated to understanding and responding to the conditions which exist for all lawyers in Washington. In 2013, the Bar approved the Diversity and Inclusion Plan. The plan rests on a fundamental assumption that WSBA’s commitment to its own culture of inclusion and cultural competence provides the best foundation for meaningful progress.

Inside-Out Diversity

In 2012, WSBA took the first step in developing an organizational road map informed by the demographics of its membership. The results of this membership study were:

  • Understanding demographics and career data
  • Identifying characteristics and experiences of diverse members
  • Understanding professional transitions
  • Establishing a statistical database
  • As a result, we are pleased to present the results of the membership study:

    WSBA Membership Study Executive Summary

    2012 Membership Study

    Using the data and information collected from the membership study informed and guided our organization to create and approve our first-ever Diversity and Inclusion Plan.

    2013 Diversity and Inclusion Plan

    How WSBA Defines Diversity

    Diversity refers to meaningful representation of and equal opportunities for individuals who self identify with those groups that are under-represented in the legal profession based upon, but not limited to, disability, gender, age, familial status, race, ethnicity, religion, economic class, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. Statewide geographic diversity and area of practice shall also be given consideration.Adopted by the WSBA Board of Governors March 2010.

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