Updated: Aug. 28, 2020

The WSBA Board of Governors created the Referendum Process Review Work Group in May 2017, charging it with the task of reviewing the Bar's current referendum process and suggesting amendments for Board consideration by January 2018. 

The Work Group presented recommendations to the Board of Governors at the Jan. 18 Board meeting.

Recommendations and Report

Work Group Charter

Work Group Roster

The referendum provision allows membership vote on certain actions taken by the Board of Governors. Currently, a referendum may reverse or modify a final Board action, enact a resolution, or amend the WSBA Bylaws.

The existing referendum provision was carved out of the results of a Bylaws Review Work Group in 2016. Acknowledging the importance and nuance of the provision, the Board of Governors later created a separate Referendum Process Review Work Group to conduct a deeper consideration of the referendum process.

The group’s work is now underway. Members include four Board of Governor members, four at-large WSBA members, and three former Board of Governors members. One of the work group’s primary responsibilities is soliciting and collecting as much input as possible from WSBA members to inform their recommendations.

Referendum Work Group graphciWe Want to Hear from You

Your input is critical to the future of WSBA's referendum provision and process. Please email your thoughts, ideas, and concerns to sherryl@wsba.org.