Faculty Information

As faculty for a program, you are providing the expertise on the subject of a program. We are here to help support and guide you in the execution of that program. Please reference these tools as you develop your presentation: 

Faculty Guide 

WSBA Expense Report 


Your seminar developer will send the following customized documents for your program via email: 

  • Faculty Timeline
  • Faculty Roster
  • Draft Seminar Agenda
  • Copyright Permission Form

If you have questions on any of these materials, please contact your seminar developer. 

The WSBA-CLE Seminar team is part of the greater WSBA Advancement Department and works together with other WSBA departments, including Communications and Production to execute programs. These are some of the individuals who may be working with you over the next few months: 

WSBA Seminar Team Staff and Support 


Thank you again for supporting WSBA and the legal community.