The Form Tool

Create smart forms and automate documents in MS Word, brilliantly!

TheFormTool is the fastest growing and easiest to use software for you to create forms or automate documents in Microsoft Word.

With a learning curve measured in minutes not months™, it uses your own MS Word documents to create intelligent forms for repetitive use. Many professionals spend as much as 30% of their productive time creating repetitive documents, personalizing them for each client, matter, case or account.

TheFormTool creates form engagement letters and fee agreements with ease. Leases, wills and intake forms are a snap. Questionnaires, interview reports and personnel items can all be automated in a flash and error free. For any document that’s used repeatedly and needs personalization every time, TheFormTool will reduce staff time and expense by up to 90% while increasing accuracy.

TheFormTool easily creates forms and manages gender and verb agreement, pronouns and plurals, capitalization, more than two dozen math functions plus extensive formatting of numbers and dates, lists and complex relationships within or between lists. TheFormTool allows limited, unlimited or yes/no input choices, master lists across matters, conditional entries, customized field formats and forward and reverse date precedents.

System Requirements

TheFormTool supports MS WORD 2007™,  MS WORD 2010™ and MS WORD 2013™ on  Windows™ operating systems or on Macs™ using Parallels™ or CrossOver™.

Installation & Setup

No special tools or knowledge is required. Open TheFormTool. Approve your computer’s security questions. Close Word. Reopen Word. You’re in business. Users are typically up and running in less than 10 minutes.

Normally priced at $89, a special two-for-one price is available only for WSBA members at TheFormTool website.