Most of the lesson plans listed below include handouts.


Constitutional Rights

Creating a Bill of Rights in a Space Colony (grades 4-8)  Objectives: define "rights," apply U.S. Bill of Rights to hypotheticals

Categorizing Constitutional Rights – Small Group Discussion (grades 4-8)

Bill of Rights History — "Jeopardy" Format (grades 4-8) 

Understanding the Bill of Rights — Group Discussion with Handouts (grades 4–8) 

Rights in Conflict — Students Render a Decision (grades 4-6)

Procedural Justice — "Land of Fairness" Play (grades 4–7)


Introduction to Law

No Vehicles in the Park (grades 5–12) 

Objectives: Identify purpose and function of law, lawmakers' intent, practical applications, and that laws are subject to interpretation.

Rights and Responsibilities (grades 4–6) 

Objectives: List whose rights and responsibilities are involved in actual cases (Gingerbread Man, Kick In the Chin, Foul Ball), and arrive at a verdict by working in small groups.

Making an Appeal (Taught with) What is a Court? (grades 3–6)     

Rules and Law (grades 4–6) 


Problem Solving

Mediation Process — Role Play (grades K-3) 

Ways to Solve a Problem (grades 3–5) 


Trial Procedures

U.S. v. Hirabayashi — Case Analysis (WW2 Internment) (grades 4-8) 

Mock Murder Trial — Herschel C. Lyon (grades 4–8)