Weekly Job Group

This group provides strategy and support on a more intensive level then the monthly group is able to provide. An emphasis is placed on accountability in addressing what each group member has been doing to find work. The foundation of this group has three parts: job-hunting skills (résumé, informational interviewing, where to find jobs, etc.); identifying your ideal practice area; and providing support for the inevitable discouragement that comes with the job hunt.

Group members are encouraged to network and are usually able to provide suggestions and contacts for each other. All group members are provided with a copy of Getting There: Your Guide to Career Success. This is a comprehensive resource covering all domains of the job search and contains articles, resources, and self-assessment tools. Participants are encouraged to read "Never Eat Alone" by Keith Ferrazzi, an excellent guide to networking, in preparation for the group. We often have lawyers who are unsure about their futures within the law, who utilize the group in order to figure out what line of work will be best for them.

Each group has eight to 10 members and runs for seven sessions. Groups are 75 minutes and members are charged $35 up front, which amounts to $5 per session. If you are interested, contact Dan Crystal, Psy.D, at danc@wsba.org.

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