LOMAP & LAP Lending Libraries

The Lending Library is a service to WSBA members. We offer the short-term loan of books from the Law Office Management Assistance Program and Lawyers Assistance Program.

How does it work?

You can borrow up to four books at a time. Pick them up at the WSBA office or have them mailed to an address of your choice. Return postage will be your obligation unless the book is returned in person. 

Email lomap@wsba.org directly (or by clicking the book title) to arrange for a book loan or check availability. 

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Can I buy the books?

CLE titles are available for purchase through the WSBA online store, as are the Washington State Deskbooks, available in paper or electronically through Casemaker Libra.

Many of the titles in the LOMAP lending library are American Bar Association (ABA) publications. To purchase an ABA book use the member benefit discount code to get 15% off. Purchase at the ABA Shop.


What's new in the library?

There are three new titles in the LOMAP Lending Library.

Lessons Learned: Practical Ethics for Busy Lawyers
Kevin W Dornan (2016)
Practical, relatable advice on navigating everyday ethical pitfalls and solutions for avoiding them.
ISBN 9781634254250

Locked Down: Practical Information Security for Lawyers (Second Edition)
Sharon D. Nelson, David G. Ries, and John W. Simek (2016)
A guide for law office cybersecurity covering security policies, passwords, hardware and software, encryption, data breaches and ethics opinions that relate to information security.
ISBN 9781634254144

The Student Loan Handbook for Law Students and Attorneys
Adam S Minsky (2016)
Explains student loans and repayment options as well as offering repayment roadmaps for all types of legal careers.
ISBN 9781634254441

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