Welcome to the Personnel section! This section provides articles on multigenerational staff, diverse staffing and how to properly manage employees. Studies have shown that the more diverse a workplace is, the better that workplace functions in today's world. A key to being a good manager is understanding and working with a diverse population, in the workplace and with your clients.

What does a diverse law firm look like?

Why We Can’t All Just Get Along: Multigenerational Staff

Multigenerational Characteristics

Women and the Law

Piercing the Lavender Ceiling Part 1

Piercing the Lavender Ceiling Part 2

How do I develop a stellar team?

Hiring for the Success of Your Law Firm

Virtual Assistants and Ethics Considerations

Solos: Do You Really Want a Partner?

The Changing Role of Legal Support Staff

How can I improve my firm's culture?

The Working Sick

Creating Accommodations Through Technology Can Lead to Benefits for Everyone in the Firm


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Succession Planning

Protecting your practice and clients