The following in-depth articles are collected from the pages of the Bar News and the NWLawyer bar publications to help lawyers expand their knowledge and understanding of ethical practices and the Rules of Professional Conduct. 

WSBA's blog, NWSidebar, features quick, informal posts on current ethical issues written by members and others.


Flat Fees: A Few Wrinkles by Greg McLawsen and Deborah Niedermeyer (June 2014)

Growing Up and Growing Old: Ethical Issues in the Life Cycle of a Business by Mark J. Fucile (April-May 2014)

The Unethical Use of Immigration Status in Civil Matters by M.Lorena Gonzalez and Daniel Ford (March 2014)


Cross-Fire: Subpoenas of Law Firm Files by Mark J. Fucile (November 2013)

Good Cents: The RPCs and Fee Disputes by Mark J. Fucile (September 2013)

Good Help: Lawyer Responsibility for Staff Conduct by Mark J. Fucile (Jul-Aug 2013)

Saying Goodbye: Documenting the End of a Representation by Mark J. Fucile (March 2013)

Ethics Advisory Opinions: Providing Guidance on the RPCs by Jeanne Marie Clavere (Dec 2012-Jan 2013)


Know Before You Go: Practicing Across State Lines in the Northwest by Mark J. Fucile (August 2012)

Ethical Limits to the Contingency Fee: How Reasonable is Reasonable? By Michael Caryl (June 2012)

Attorney Liens Tool or Traps? by Mark J. Fucile (May 2012)

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Claim: Are There Limits To What You Can Reveal When Defending Yourself In A Complaint About Your Representation? By Kevin Bank and Francesca D’Angelo (March 2012)

Lawyer Beware: The Consumer Protection Act by Mark J. Fucile (February 2012)



The Lateral-Hire Screening Rule: How it Works by Mark J. Fucile (December 2011)

Ethics Update by Jeanne Marie Clavere (October 2011)

Electronic Ethics, Part II: Communication, Metadata, and File Storage by Mark J. Fucile (September 2011)

Electronic Ethics, Part 1: Friends and Other Strangers by Mark J. Fucile (June 2011)

Ethic’s Corner: Considerations for Moderate Means and Pro Bono Representation by Jeanne Marie Clavere (May 2011)

Inadvertent Production Revisited (Yet Again) by Mark J. Fucile ( March 2011)



Changing Horses in Midstream—Modifying Fee Agreements by Mark J. Fucile (December 2010)

Settlement Ethics by Mark J. Fucile (October 2010)

Discovery Ethics Revisited by Mark J. Fucile (August 2010)

Outsourcing Here and There by Mark J. Fucile (June 2010)

The Perils of Co-Counsel Relationships by Brian J. Waid (May 2010)

Spring Cleaning: File Retention and Destruction by Mark J. Fucile (April 2010)

Lawyers Tweeting, Blogging and IMing—Oh My! Potential Ethical Pitfalls under the RPCs by Diana M. Dearmin (April 2010)

Saying Goodbye: The Withdrawal Rule by Mark J. Fucile (February 2010)









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