The following in-depth articles were collected from the pages of the Bar's NWLawyer magazine to help lawyers expand their knowledge and understanding of ethical practices and the Rules of Professional Conduct. 

The WSBA's blog, NWSidebar, features quick, informal posts on current ethical issues written by Bar members and others in the legal profession.


Statistically Speaking: Using Statistics to Guide Risk Management by Mark J. Fucile (June 2016)

Grey Area: Selling a Law Practice by Mark J. Fucile (April-May 2016)

Crime and Facebook by Isham Reavis (March 2016)

Sanctions for Sexist Remarks: Don't Overlook Obnoxious, Demeaning Behavior by Averil Budge Rothrock (March 2016)

Danger Zone: Business Deals with Clients by Mark J. Fucile (February 2016)


I-502 and Lawyers – Guidance from the Supreme Court by Mark J. Fucile (February 2015)

Ethics Issues for In-House Transaction Counsel by Paul Swegle (March 2015)

Mind the Back Door: Protecting Client Information from Cyber Threats by Suzanne Skinner and David Matthews (April/May 2015)

Digital Self-Portraits – Investigations through Electronic Social Media by Mark J. Fucile (April/May 2015)

Supreme Court Adopts Changes to Rules of Professional Conduct to Recognize Limited License Legal Technicians by Ellen Conedera Dial (June 2015)

Practicing Law in the Cannabis Industry: What We've Learned One Year Later by Harold E. Snow Jr., Scott G. Warner, and Andy Aley (September 2015)

The Ethical Edge by Jacqueline Justice (September 2015)


A Mosaic of Fee-Shifting Law and Issues by Michael Caryl and Lee Raaen (October 2014)

Electronic IQ Competence in an Era of High-Tech Lawyering by Mark J. Fucile (July/August 2014)

Tool or Trap?  The Trouble with Technology and Lawyers or How Lawyers Can Get into Trouble with Technology by James W. Gayton and Greg Tolbert (July/August 2014)

Flat Fees: A Few Wrinkles by Greg McLawsen and Deborah Niedermeyer (June 2014)

Growing Up and Growing Old: Ethical Issues in the Life Cycle of a Business by Mark J. Fucile (April-May 2014)

The Unethical Use of Immigration Status in Civil Matters by M.Lorena Gonzalez and Daniel Ford (March 2014)


Cross-Fire: Subpoenas of Law Firm Files by Mark J. Fucile (November 2013)

Good Cents: The RPCs and Fee Disputes by Mark J. Fucile (September 2013)

Good Help: Lawyer Responsibility for Staff Conduct by Mark J. Fucile (Jul-Aug 2013)

Saying Goodbye: Documenting the End of a Representation by Mark J. Fucile (March 2013)

Ethics Advisory Opinions: Providing Guidance on the RPCs by Jeanne Marie Clavere (Dec 2012-Jan 2013)

More articles on ethics are available in the archives of Bar News.


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