How to Close a Practice

Whether retiring or assisting a survivor of a deceased lawyer in closing a practice, the checklists below outline the steps necessary to close a practice in the best possible way.

Ideally, another lawyer should be designated to have the authority to review client files and make determinations as to which files need immediate attention. Another important step is to determine who must notify the clients of the lawyer’s death. 

Reasonable efforts must be made to contact all clients and to request instructions. The reviewing lawyer should clearly state that he/she does not represent the client.


Trust Accounts

Allowing someone else access to the trust account is a serious matter, deserving careful consideration. If you give that person control of the trust account, you as the lawyer remain responsible. If the assisting person misappropriates funds, the lawyer or his/her estate may be held responsible.

Checklist — Closing your own practice 

Checklist — Closing another lawyer's practice