The APR Task Force presented its report and recommendations on the Admission to Practice Rules and a recommendation to form a committee to study the recommendation for mandatory malpractice insurance. 

Please note: The proposed APR 26 regarding mandatory malpractice insurance will not be up for action before the Board of Governors at the September meeting. Instead, at the September meeting, the APR Task Force is asking the Board of Governors to form a committee to study the issue of mandatory malpractice insurance.

Report and Recommendations of the APR Task Force

The APR Task Force completed its work in July 2012. It submits the following report and recommended amendments to the Admission to Practice Rules:

APR Task Force Report to the Board of Governors   

Recommended Amendments to the Admission to Practice Rules 

Recommended Amendments to RPC 5.5 re House Counsel, July 2012 

Recommended Amendments to LPORPC 1.12A, July 2012 

Proposed Admissions Flow Chart, July 2012; illustrates various paths to admission in Washington under the proposed amendments.

Membership Invited to Comment

We welcome your feedback and comments on the task force's recommendations. Please direct comments to Robert Henry, Associate Director of Regulatory Services:

Robert Henry
Washington State Bar Association
1325 4th Ave Ste 600
Seattle, WA  98101

Please submit comments no later than September 4, 2012.

Additional information is available on the APR Task Force page.



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Task Force presents report on Admission to Practice Rules, Mandatory Malpractice Insurance

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