Beginning March 15, 2012, active WSBA members in the 4th congressional district have the opportunity to once again help determine the WSBA’s future direction and leadership. Although four district positions are up for election this year, districts 1, 5, and 7-West will not have a contested election because there is only one candidate from those districts.

Congratulations to Ken Masters, district 1 Governor-elect, Paul Bastine, district 5 Governor-elect, and Barb Rhoads-Weaver, district 7-West Governor-elect. 

For more information, see the Board of Governors Elections page.

*The 7th Congressional District is divided into three sub-districts: East, Central, and West. These sub-districts are distinguished by zip codes, and each has one elected governor. For the coming year, a governor from the West sub-district (zip codes 98013, 98070, 98106, 98107, 98116, 98117, 98119, 98126, 98133, 98136, 98146, 98160, 98166, 98177, 98195, AND 98199) will be elected.  

**The at-large governor will be elected by the Board of Governors at its June meeting.



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