Benefits of Becoming an Accredited Sponsor

An accredited sponsor:

    • Is given presumptive approval for Continuing Legal Education courses; and
    • Pays one annual fee for an unlimited number of course accreditation applications, instead of a fee per application. 

Qualifications to Become an Accredited Sponsor

A sponsor applicant must:

    • Have a minimum three-year track record of providing at least 30 unique, high-quality CLE courses per year;
    • Be able to demonstrate competence in correctly determining and awarding credit to CLE courses according to the Washington State MCLE rules and regulations (APR 11 and Appendix APR 11) and following all other procedures (competence is demonstrated through the quality and timing of Form 1s and attendance reports submitted prior to the application date);
    • Be able to submit Form 1 course accreditation applications and attendance reports electronically to the MCLE online system (which requires that fees be paid with a MasterCard, Visa, or American Express);
    • Be able to pay all required online fees (e.g. attendance report fees, late fees (if any), etc.) with a MasterCard, Visa, or American Express;
    • Not be a private law firm or corporate legal department; and
    • Be able to conform with all other requirements of APR 11 Regulation 105.  

Process to Become an Accredited Sponsor

A sponsor applicant must:

    • Submit a completed Accredited Sponsor Application Form to the address shown on the form;
    • Submit the $250 application fee;
    • Provide, on request from the Executive Secretary (after the application is submitted), information about 10 courses from the previous three years. The courses will be selected by the Executive Secretary.  Copies of all attendee evaluations for the 10 courses will be required.

Each application will be reviewed by the Executive Secretary. If approved, status as an accredited sponsor is effective for one calendar year and may be renewed annually by submitting the required fee and annual report and complying with all applicable rules, regulations, and procedures.

Duties of an Accredited Sponsor

An accredited sponsor must comply with all the regulations of APR 11 Regulation 105 and all other applicable rules and regulations. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Accurately calculate the number of credits to be awarded for each course by applying the provisions of Regulations 102 and 103.
    • Submit an accurately completed electronic Form 1 through the online MCLE system here at least one day prior to the presentation of a live course or one day prior to making a pre-recorded course available to lawyers.
    • Submit an attendance report, showing the actual attendance of each lawyer, through the MCLE system, within 30 days of the completion of the course.
    • Keep accurate attendance records for each live course and retain them for six years.
    • Provide a course evaluation form to each attendee at all live courses.
    • Retain the completed evaluation forms, or a compilation of all numerical ratings, for two years and provide copies to the MCLE Board upon request.
    • Demonstrate a continuing ability to provide high-quality continuing legal education activities and to correctly determine credit awards for those activities.
    • At least annually, provide to the MCLE Board a list of all its course offerings, identifying the number of lawyers and non lawyers attending each program, and providing any additional information required by the MCLE Board.
    • Pay the required $500 annual accredited sponsor fee.
    • Permit course audits by the MCLE Board or its designees at no charge.
    • For any pre-recorded programs not originally offered as a live program by the sponsor, the sponsor must:
      • Review the content and materials of each such course;
      • Verify the run time of each course and accredit the course accordingly; and
      • Ensure that the course is in compliance with all provisions of the MCLE Rules and Regulations (APR 11 and Appendix APR 11).

    Course Accreditation Process as an Accredited Sponsor

    Accredited sponsors must submit courses for Washington State accreditation using the online MCLE system Form 1s.  If this is your first time using the online MCLE system, follow the procedures below:

      • Go to the sponsor page of the MCLE website. 
      • Log in.
      • Click the "Register as a New Sponsor" link.
      • Fill out the screen that comes up, and click "Save."
      • Log in again with your new user name and password.
      • From your "Sponsor Home Page," click "Create a new activity – Live" or "Create a new activity – A/V" to submit a Form 1.

    For further assistance, contact our Service Center at 206-443- WSBA (9722), 800-945-WSBA (9722), or

    Accredited sponsors must ensure that they meet all the requirements listed below:

      • Comply with the minimum standards for course approval required by the APR 11 Regulations 101 through 105 when submitting each Form 1.
      • Calculate course credit on the basis of one credit for each 60 minutes of actual accreditable course presentation, not including introductions, presentations during meals (unless clearly distinguished in the agenda), or break times.
      • For all presentations that are not exactly one hour (or two hours, or three hours, etc.), round the time to the closest quarter hour. For example, one hour and seven minutes would be rounded to one credit.  One hour and eight minutes would be rounded to 1.25 credits.
      • For presentations with multiple breaks, subtract the total break time and non-accreditable activity from the total scheduled time for the course to determine the number of credits for which to accredit the course.
      • Submit all Form 1s at least one day prior to the event. (APR 11 Regulation 105(b)(2))
      • Submit all duplicate Form 1s (for exactly the same course on a different date and/or in a different location) at least one day prior to the activity. (APR 11 Regulation 104(a)(4))
      • Create each AV Form 1 at least one day prior to making a pre-recorded course available to lawyers. (APR 11 Regulation 105(b)(2))
      • Pay a $35 late fee if you submit a Form 1 or duplicate Form 1 (online) on or after the start date of a course. Late fees must be paid with a MasterCard, Visa, or American Express before a course can be accredited in Washington State.
      • Pay a $35 late fee if you submit an AV Form 1 on or after the date you make the course available to lawyers. You will be invoiced for any such instances found or reported.

    Attendance Reporting Process as an Accredited Sponsor

    Accredited sponsors must submit attorney attendance reports within 30 days after each event in the format and medium required by the MCLE Board. (Reg. 105 (b)(3))

      • Attendance reports must be submitted from the accredited sponsor's homepage. Attendee names can be submitted individually or by uploading a text file in the specified format. See the Online Reporting Instructions.
      • If there were no attendees for a course, this also must be reported.  See the Online Reporting Instructions.
      • The attendance reporting fee is $1 per name.
      • Any sponsor submitting attendance reports after 30 days from the end date of a course will be assessed a $35 late fee.

    Accredited Sponsor Fees and Fines

    Accredited Sponsor Status 


    Initial application fee


    Renewal fee (annual) 


    Form 1 Fees


    Submitted through the MCLE online system

     No charge

    Late submission penalty (less than one day prior to the event)


    Late duplicate Form 1 submission penalty (submitted less than one day prior to the repetition of the original event)


    Late AV Form 1 submission penalty (submitted less than one day prior to making the course available to lawyers)



     Attendance Reporting Fees  
     Submitted through the MCLE online system $1 per name/bar number 
     Late reporting penalty (submitted more than 30 days after the end date of the course)    $35 (in addition to above)

    Revoking Accredited Sponsor Status

    The MCLE Board may revoke an organization's accredited sponsor status for repeated failure to correctly award credit for courses, failure to pay the annual accredited sponsor fee, or for failure to comply with accredited sponsor reporting or other requirements. (Regulation 105(a)(5))


    Any discrepancy or conflict between the information provided here and the rules and regulations set by the Washington State Supreme Court, or the bylaws and policies of the Washington State Bar Association, is unintentional and will be resolved in favor of strict compliance with the rules, regulations, bylaws and policies.

    MCLE Sponsor Login

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