MCLE Rules

A new APR 11 went into effect on Jan. 1, 2016. View a comparison chart that explains how the rules have changed.


Mentors and mentees participating in a structured mentoring program approved by the MCLE Board are eligible to obtain MCLE credit for mentoring. See APR 11(e)(8).

Standards for Approving Structured Mentoring Programs

The MCLE Board has developed minimum structural standards for approving structured mentoring programs, which include requiring mentor and mentee to attend an orientation meeting, sign a mentoring agreement, create a personalized mentoring plan, have mentoring meetings, and provide an evaluation of the mentoring experience to the organization hosting the program. Programs interested in becoming an approved structured mentoring program must submit an application as well as program materials and sample forms to the MCLE Board.

Mentoring Guide for Self-Directed Structured Mentoring

Lawyers wishing to develop their own self-directed structured mentoring program with a chosen mentor or mentee, without the guidance of an existing approved structured mentoring program, must follow the guidelines in the Self-Directed Structured Mentoring Program Guide in order to obtain MCLE credit.

Smart Education:
Less Restrictions, More Options, Better Outcomes

Smart Education MCLE Guide

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