LPO Exam Pass List and Statistics

Exam date: April 3, 2017

Please wait until after you have received and read your letter before contacting the WSBA with questions about the exam results.

Note that passing applicants may need to provide additional documentation before they are approved for licensing.

Successful Applicants

Brian Jordan Austin
Kimberlin R Brumback
Sarah Elizabeth Burger
Carolyn Lillian Carlson
Jennifer A Dempsey
Jennifer M Frost
Brandy A Gustin
Katelin R Harteloo
Erin Marie Hill
Charmayne Diane Hurlbut
Shay Lynn Jones
Kathleen M Kleinhenz
Patricia Elizabeth Link
Trelby Marie Marshall
Katie Jean McCune
Sherri Ann Raines
Samantha Lee Riley
Jessica Lynn Schnabel
Linnea  Sheehan
Stephen John Snook
Danielle K Van Riper
Tara Leigh Williams

Exam Statistics

Exam Date

Number of



 April 2017 79   22 28%
 October 2016  46 30 65%
 April 2016 55 17 31%