Information for Prospective LLLTs

Why Become a Legal Technician?

Legal technicians offer legal advice and counsel clients without the financial investment of a traditional law degree. This flexible legal license allows legal technicians to work independently, in groups with other LLLTs, or as part of a firm. It's a great fit for those who love the law and want to help people but aren't ready for law school. It's also a great fit for experienced paralegals (see the limited time waiver) who would like to work independently or start their own business. LLLTs are the only legal professionals other than attorneys who are licensed to give legal advice and own law firms.

The state Supreme Court directed the WSBA to develop the LLLT Program to make legal services more affordable for people with low or moderate income. Becoming a legal technician is a great way to be a part of a pioneering effort to make legal assistance accessible to everyone.

Can I Become a Legal Technician?

There are three key requirements that must be fulfilled before applying to be licensed as a legal technician: education, experience, and examinations.

Requirements for Licensure

attorneys enjoying a seminarEducation

Business meeting at tableExperience


Associates degree or higher

Core Curriculum: 45 credits at an approved paralegal program 

Practice Area Curriculum at University of Washington School of Law (live webcast)
3,000 hours as a paralegal or legal assistant, including substantive legal work supervised by an attorney Paralegal Core Competency Exam

Practice Area Exam

Professional Responsibility Exam

Some education requirements may be waived by a limited time waiver.

Upcoming Events, Dates and Deadlines

Forms, Applications, and Instructions

Possible Pathways to Becoming a Legal Technician

Situation 1: You are new to the legal profession or otherwise do not qualify for the limited time waiver.

Situation 2: You qualify for the limited time waiver

Contact: or 206-727-8289 for help planning your pathway to an LLLT license!

* Any discrepancy or conflict between the information provided here and the rules and regulations set by the Washington State Supreme Court, or the Bylaws and policies of the Washington State Bar Association, is unintentional and will be resolved in favor of strict compliance with the rules, regulations, Bylaws and policies.

Core Curriculum

Education requirements for prospective LLLTs

Limited Time Waiver

Learn how certain LLLT requirements may be waived if you have previous legal experience.

Practice Area Curriculum

Find out what courses you'll need to take to become an LLLT.


Requirements for testing

Experience Requirement

Multimedia on the Program


Contact: Joe Terrenzio, LLLT Program Lead or 206-727-8289